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Ali, Omar and Jaradat, Ashraf and Ally, Mustafa ORCID: and Rotabi, Sareh (2022) Blockchain technology enables healthcare data management and accessibility. In: Blockchain technologies for sustainability. Environmental Footprints and Eco-design of Products and Processes. Springer, Singapore, pp. 91-118. ISBN 978-981-16-6300-0


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Bedford, Alison ORCID: and Kerby, Martin ORCID: (2022) Teaching and learning: history as inquiry. In: Teaching Secondary History. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, pp. 100-123. ISBN 978-1-108-96998-7


Chen, Hua-Jun and Yang, Yan-Ling and Zou, Xin-Xin and Shi, Xiao-Lei ORCID: and Chen, Zhi-Gang ORCID: (2022) Flexible hollow TiO2@CMS/carbon-fiber van der Waals heterostructures for simulated-solar light photocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis. Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 98. pp. 143-150. ISSN 1005-0302


Grunwald, Guido and Schwill, Jurgen and Sassenberg, Anne-Marie (2022) Managing value co-creation in partnerships for sustainability: toward a process model for stakeholder integration. In: Artisan entrepreneurship. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, United Kingdom, pp. 99-126. ISBN 978-1-80262-078-8


Heap, Natasha ORCID: (2022) The Flying Fashionista: the Short, Pioneering Flying Career of Ivy Hassard (nee Pearce), 1934-36. The Aviation Historian, 38. pp. 34-43. ISSN 2051-1930

Heidemann, Hanna and Ribbe, Joachim ORCID: and Cowan, Tim and Henley, Benjamin J. and Pudmenzky, Christa and Stone, Roger and Cobon, David H. (2022) The Influence of Interannual and Decadal Indo-Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Variability on Australian Monsoon Rainfall. Journal of Climate, 35 (1). pp. 425-444. ISSN 0894-8755

Hickey, Andrew ORCID: and Riddle, Stewart ORCID: and Robinson, Janean and Hattam, Robert and Down, Barry and Wrench, Alison (2022) Relational pedagogy and democratic education. In: New perspectives on education for democracy: creative responses to local and global challenges. Taylor & Francis (Routledge), New York, United States, pp. 200-212. ISBN 9780367703431

Huo, Siqi and Zhou, Zhongxiao and Jiang, Jiawei and Sai, Ting and Ran, Shiya and Fang, Zhengping and Song, Pingan ORCID: and Wang, Hao (2022) Flame-retardant, transparent, mechanically-strong and tough epoxy resin enabled by high-efficiency multifunctional boron-based polyphosphonamide. Chemical Engineering Journal, 427:131578. pp. 1-15. ISSN 1385-8947

Huynh, Quoc Thien and Lai, Van Qui and Shiau, Jim ORCID: and Keawsawasvong, Suraparb and Mase, Lindung Zalbuin and Tra, Huu Thoi (2022) On the use of both diaphragm and secant pile walls for a basement upgrade project in Vietnam. Innovative Infrastructure Solutions, 7:17. ISSN 2364-4176


Islam, Md Irteja and Khanam, Rasheda ORCID: and Kabir, Enamul ORCID: (2022) Depression and anxiety have a larger impact on bullied girls than on boys to experience self-harm and suicidality: a mediation analysis. Journal of Affective Disorders, 297. pp. 250-258. ISSN 0165-0327


Jeewantha, L. H. J. ORCID: and Emmanuel, K. D. C. and Herath, H. M. C. M. ORCID: and Epaarachchi, J. A. and Islam, M. M. and Leng, J. (2022) Investigation of curing kinetics and internal strains to enhance performances of bisphenol A based shape memory polymers. Materialia, 21:101264.

Jia, Chunhui and Zhang, Ping and Seraji, Seyed Mohsen and Xie, Ruishi and Chen, Lin and Liu, Dong and Xiong, Ying and Chen, Hao and Fu, Yingke and Xu, Hailun and Song, Pingan ORCID: (2022) Effects of BN/GO on the recyclable, healable and thermal conductivity properties of ENR/PLA thermoplastic vulcanizates. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 152:106686. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1359-835X


Keawsawasvong, Suraparb and Shiau, Jim ORCID: and Ngamkhanong, Chayut and Lai, Van Qui and Thongchom, Chanachai (2022) Undrained Stability of Ring Foundations: Axisymmetry, Anisotropy, and Nonhomogeneity. International Journal of Geomechanics, 22 (1):04021253. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1532-3641


Law, Colin C. H. and Zhang, Yahua ORCID: and Gow, Jeff and Vu, Xuan-Binh (Benjamin) ORCID: (2022) Dynamic relationship between air transport, economic growth and inbound tourism in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Journal of Air Transport Management, 98:102161. pp. 1-9. ISSN 0969-6997

Liu, Hang-Tian and Sun, Qiang and Zhong, Yan and Deng, Qian and Gan, Lin and Lv, Fang-Lin and Shi, Xiao-Lei ORCID: and Chen, Zhi-Gang ORCID: and Ang, Ran (2022) High-performance in n-type PbTe-based thermoelectric materials achieved by synergistically dynamic doping and energy filtering. Nano Energy, 91:106706. pp. 1-9. ISSN 2211-2855

Liu, Lei and Zhu, Menghe and Ma, Zhewen and Xu, Xiaodong and Seraji, Seyed Mohsen and Yu, Bin and Sun, Ziqi and Wang, Hao and Song, Pingan ORCID: (2022) A reactive copper-organophosphate-MXene heterostructure enabled antibacterial, self-extinguishing and mechanically robust polymer nanocomposites. Chemical Engineering Journal, 430:132712. pp. 1-12. ISSN 1385-8947

Luong, Hoa and Gunasekarage, Abeyratna and Shams, Syed (2022) CEO pay slice and acquisitions in Australia: the role of tournament incentives. International Journal of Managerial Finance. ISSN 1743-9132


Mao, Min and Yu, Ke-xin and Cao, Cheng-fei and Gong, Li-Xiu and Zhang, Guo-dong and Zhao, Li and Song, Pingan ORCID: and Gao, Jie-feng and Tang, Long-Cheng (2022) Facile and green fabrication of flame-retardant Ti3C2Tx MXene networks for ultrafast, reusable and weather-resistant fire warning. Chemical Engineering Journal, 427:131615. pp. 1-11. ISSN 1385-8947


Nguyen, Duong Binh and Nong, Duy and Simshauser, Paul and Nguyen-Huy, Thong ORCID: (2022) General equilibrium impact evaluation of food top-up induced by households’ renewable power self-supply in 141 regions. Applied Energy, 306 (Part B). ISSN 0306-2619

Nigmonov, Asror and Shams, Syed and Alam, Khorshed ORCID: (2022) Macroeconomic determinants of loan defaults: evidence from the U.S. peer-to-peer lending market. Research in International Business and Finance, 59:101516. pp. 1-13. ISSN 0275-5319


Owen, Kirsty J. (2022) A triumph of tolerance: managing the threat to wheat production by the root lesion nematode Pratylenchus thornei in the subtropical grain region of eastern Australia. In: Integrated nematode management: state-of-the-art and visions for the future. CABI, Boston, United States, pp. 13-19. ISBN 9781789247541

Oyeyemi, Adewale L. and Kolbe-Alexander, Tracy L. ORCID: and Lambert, Estelle V. (2022) Case study from Africa: physical activity and safety from crime and traffic in Africa. In: Physical Activity in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Taylor & Francis (Routledge), Milton Park, United Kingdom, pp. 171-186. ISBN 978-0-367-36223-2


Pham, Thuan ORCID: and Tao, Xiaohui ORCID: and Zhang, Ji and Yong, Jianming and Li, Yuefeng and Xie, Haoran (2022) Graph-based multi-label disease prediction model learning from medical data and domain knowledge. Knowledge-Based Systems, 235:107662. pp. 1-15. ISSN 0950-7051


Rahman, Mohammad Mafizur ORCID: and Sultana, Nahid and Velayutham, Eswaran ORCID: (2022) Renewable energy, energy intensity and carbon reduction: Experience of large emerging economies. Renewable Energy, 184. pp. 252-265. ISSN 0960-1481

Rezazade, Faeze and Summers, Jane ORCID: and Ong Lai Teik, Derek (2022) A holistic approach to food fraud vulnerability assessment. Food Control, 131:108440. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0956-7135

Riddle, Stewart ORCID: and Heffernan, Amanda and Bright, David (2022) New perspectives on education for democracy: creative responses to local and global challenges. Taylor & Francis (Routledge), New York, United States. ISBN 9780367703431

Riddle, Stewart ORCID: and Heffernan, Amanda and Bright, David (2022) On the need for a new democracy of education in a post-pandemic world. In: New perspectives on education for democracy: creative responses to local and global challenges. Taylor & Francis (Routledge), New York, United States, pp. 3-8. ISBN 9780367703431

Ryan, M. and Khosronejad, M. and Barton, Georgina ORCID: and Myhill, D. and Kervin, L. (2022) Reflexive writing dialogues: Elementary students’ perceptions and performances as writers during classroom experiences. Assessing writing, 51:100592. pp. 1-20. ISSN 1075-2935


Seraji, Seyed Mohsen and Song, Pingan ORCID: and Varley, Russell J. and Bourbigot, Serge and Voice, Dean and Wang, Hao (2022) Fire-retardant unsaturated polyester thermosets: The state-of-the-art, challenges and opportunities. Chemical Engineering Journal, 430:132785. pp. 1-18. ISSN 1385-8947

Shams, Syed and Bose, Sudipta and Gunasekarage, Abeyratna (2022) Does corporate tax avoidance promote managerial empire building? Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, 18 (1):100293. pp. 1-27. ISSN 1815-5669

Sharp, Heather and Dallimore, Jonathon and Bedford, Alison ORCID: and Kerby, Martin ORCID: and Goulding, James and Heath, Treesa and Von Guttner, Darius and Zarmati, Louise (2022) Teaching Secondary History. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom. ISBN 978-1-108-96998-7

Shi, Yongqian and Sun, Mengnan and Liu, Chuan and Fu, Libi and Lv, Yuancai and Feng, Yuezhan and Huang, Ping and Yang, Fuqiang and Song, Pingan ORCID: and Liu, Minghua (2022) Lightweight, amphipathic and fire-resistant prGO/MXene spherical beads for rapid elimination of hazardous chemicals. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 423:127069. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0304-3894

Shiau, Jim ORCID: and Al-Asadi, Fadhil (2022) Stability factors Fc, Fs, and Fγ for twin tunnels in three dimensions. International Journal of Geomechanics, 22 (3):04021290. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1532-3641


Wang, Yanru and Cao, Yubin and Zhang, Zuhua and Huang, Jizhong and Zhang, Peng and Ma, Yuwei and Wang, Hao (2022) Study of acidic degradation of alkali-activated materials using synthetic C-(N)-A-S-H and N-A-S-H gels. Composites Part B: Engineering, 230:109510. pp. 1-14. ISSN 1359-8368

Windt, Johan and Gabbett, Tim (2022) Injury risk model. In: NSCA's Essentials of Sport Science. Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc., Champaign, IL, United States, pp. 287-299. ISBN 978-1-4925-9335-5


Yin, Xinwei and Feng, Qi and Li, Yan ORCID: and Deo, Ravinesh C. ORCID: and Liu, Wei and Zhu, Meng and Zheng, Xinjun and Liu, Ran (2022) An interplay of soil salinization and groundwater degradation threatening coexistence of oasis-desert ecosystems. Science of the Total Environment, 806 (2):150599. pp. 1-20. ISSN 0048-9697

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