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Labadie-Bartz, Jonathan and Rodriguez, Joseph E. and Stassun, Keivan G. and Ciardi, David R. and Penev, Kaloyan and Johnson, Marshall C. and Gaudi, B. Scott and Colon, Knicole D. and Bieryla, Allyson and Latham, David W. and Pepper, Joshua and Collins, Karen A. and Evans, Phil and Relles, Howard and Siverd, Robert J. and Bento, Joao and Yao, Xinyu and Stockdale, Chris and Tan, Thiam-Guan and Zhou, George ORCID: and Eastman, Jason D. and Albrow, Michael D. and Bayliss, Daniel and Beatty, Thomas G. and Berlind, Perry and Bozza, Valerio and Calkins, Michael L. and Cohen, David H. and Curtis, Ivan A. and Esquerdo, Gilbert A. and Feliz, Dax and Fulton, Benjamin J. and Gregorio, Joao and James, David and Jensen, Eric L. N. and Johnson, John A. and Johnson, Samson A. and Joner, Michael D. and Kasper, David and Kielkopf, John F. and Kuhn, Rudolf B. and Lund, Michael B. and Malpas, Amber and Manner, Mark and McCrady, Nate and McLeod, Kim K. and Oberst, Thomas E. and Penny, Matthew T. and Reed, Phillip A. and Sliski, David H. and Stephens, Denise C. and Stevens, Daniel J. and Villanueva, Steven, Jr. and Wittenmyer, Robert A. and Wright, J. T. and Zambelli, Roberto (2019) KELT-22Ab: A Massive, Short-Period Hot Jupiter Transiting a Near-solar Twin. Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 240 (1):13. pp. 1-17. ISSN 0067-0049


Ryu, Y. -H. and Yee, J. C. and Udalski, A. and Bond, I. A. and Shvartzvald, Y. and Zang, W. and Figuera Jaimes, R. and Jorgensen, U. G. and Zhu, W. and Huang, C. X. ORCID: and Jung, Y. K. and Albrow, M. D. and Chung, S. -J. and Gould, A. and Han, C. and Hwang, K. -H. and Shin, I. -G. and Cha, S. -M. and Kim, D. -J. and Kim, H. -W. and Kim, S. -L. and Lee, C. -U. and Lee, D. -J. and Lee, Y. and Park, B. -G. and Pogge, R. W. and Calchi Novati, S. and Carey, S. and Henderson, C. B. and Beichman, C. and Gaudi, B. S. and Mroz, P. and Poleski, R. and Skowron, J. and Szymanski, M. K. and Soszynski, I. and Kozlowski, S. and Pietrukowicz, P. and Ulaczyk, K. and Pawlak, M. and Abe, F. and Asakura, Y. and Barry, R. and Bennett, D. P. and Bhattacharya, A. and Donachie, M. and Evans, P. and Fukui, A. and Hirao, Y. and Itow, Y. and Kawasaki, K. and Koshimoto, N. and Li, M. C. A. and Ling, C. H. and Masuda, K. and Matsubara, Y. and Miyazaki, S. and Muraki, Y. and Nagakane, M. and Ohnishi, K. and Ranc, C. and Rattenbury, N. J. and Saito, To. and Sharan, A. and Sullivan, D. J. and Sumi, T. and Suzuki, D. and Tristram, P. J. and Yamada, T. and Yamada, T. and Yonehara, A. and Bryden, G. and Howell, S. B. and Jacklin, S. and Penny, M. T. and Mao, S. and Fouque, Pascal and Wang, T. and Street, R. A. and Tsapras, Y. and Hundertmark, M. and Bachelet, E. and Dominik, M. and Li, Z. and Cross, S. and Cassan, A. and Horne, K. and Schmidt, R. and Wambsganss, J. and Ment, S. K. and Maoz, D. and Snodgrass, C. and Steele, I. A. and Bozza, V. and Burgdorf, M. J. and Ciceri, S. and D'Ago, G. and Evans, D. F. and Hinse, T. C. and Kerins, E. and Kokotanekova, R. and Longa, P. and MacKenzie, J. and Popovas, A. and Rabus, M. and Rahvar, S. and Sajadian, S. and Skottfelt, J. and Southworth, J. and von Essen, C. (2017) OGLE-2016-BLG-1190Lb: The First Spitzer Bulge Planet Lies Near the Planet/Brown-dwarf Boundary. The Astronomical Journal, 155 (1):40. pp. 1-24. ISSN 0004-6256

Temple, L. Y. and Hellier, C. and Albrow, M. D. and Anderson, D. R. and Bayliss, D. and Beatty, T. G. and Bieryla, A. and Brown, D. J. A. and Cargile, P. A. and Collier Cameron, A. and Collins, K. A. and Colon, K. D. and Curtis, I. A. and D'Ago, G. and Delrez, L. and Eastman, J. and Gaudi, B. S. and Gillon, M. and Gregorio, J. and James, D. and Jehin, E. and Joner, M. D. and Kielkopf, J. F. and Kuhn, R. B. and Labadie-Bartz, J. and Latham, D. W. and Lendl, M. and Lund, M. B. and Malpas, A. L. and Maxted, P. F. L. and Myers, G. and Oberst, T. E. and Pepe, F. and Pepper, J. and Pollacco, D. and Queloz, D. and Rodriguez, J. E. and Segransan, D. and Siverd, R. J. and Smalley, B. and Stassun, K. G. and Stevens, D. J. and Stockdale, C. and Tan, T. G. and Triaud, A. H. M. J. and Udry, S. and Villanueva, S. and West, R. G. and Zhou, G. ORCID: (2017) WASP-167b/KELT-13b: joint discovery of a hot Jupiter transiting a rapidly rotating F1V star. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 471 (3). pp. 2743-2752. ISSN 0035-8711

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