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Boonmee, Saranyaphat and Wanasinghe, Dhanushka N. and Calabon, Mark S. and Huanraluek, Naruemon and Chandrasiri, Sajini K. U. and Jones, Gareth E. B. and Rossi, Walter and Leonardi, Marco and Singh, Sanjay K. and Rana, Shiwali and Singh, Paras N. and Maurya, Deepak K. and Lagashetti, Ajay C. and Choudhary, Deepika and Dai, Yu‑Cheng and Zhao, Chang‑Lin and Mu, Yan‑Hong and Yuan, Hai‑Sheng and He, Shuang‑Hui and Phookamsak, Rungtiwa and Jiang, Hong‑Bo and Martin, Maria P. and Duenas, Margarita and Telleria, M. Teresa and Kalucka, Izabela L. and Jagodzinski, Andrzej M. and Liimatainen, Kare and Pereira, Diana S. and Phillips, Alan J. L. and Suwannarach, Nakarin and Kumla, Jaturong and Khuna, Surapong and Lumyong, Saisamorn and Potter, Tarynn B. and Shivas, Roger G. ORCID: and Sparks, Adam H. ORCID: and Vaghefi, Niloofar ORCID: and Abdel-Wahab, Mohamed A. and Abdel-Aziz, Faten A. and Li, Guo‑Jie and Lin, Wen‑Fei and Singh, Upendra and Bhatt, Rajendra P. and Lee, Hyang Burm and Nguyen, Thuong T. T. and Kirk, Paul M. and Dutta, Arun Kumar and Acharya, Krishnendu and Sarma, V. Venkateswara and Niranjan, M. and Rajeshkumar, Kunhiraman C. and Ashtekar, Nikhil and Lad, Sneha and Wijayawardene, Nalin N. and Bhat, Darbe J. and Xu, Rong‑Ju and Wijesinghe, Subodini N. and Shen, Hong‑Wei and Luo, Zong‑Long and Zhang, Jing‑Yi and Sysouphanthong, Phongeun and Thongklang, Naritsada and Bao, Dan‑Feng and Aluthmuhandiram, Janith V. S. and Abdollahzadeh, Jafar and Javadi, Alireza and Dovana, Francesco and Usman, Muhammad and Khalid, Abdul Nasir and Dissanayake, Asha J. and Telagathoti, Anusha and Probst, Maraike and Peintner, Ursula and Garrido-Benavent, Isaac and Bona, Lilla and Merenyi, Zsolt and Boros, Lajos and Zoltan, Bratek and Stielow, J. Benjamin and Jiang, Ning and Tian, Cheng‑Ming and Shams, Esmaeil and Dehghanizadeh, Farzaneh and Pordel, Adel and Javan-Nikkhah, Mohammad and Denchev, Teodor T. and Denchev, Cvetomir M. and Kemler, Martin and Begerow, Dominik and Deng, Chun‑Ying and Harrower, Emma and Bozorov, Tohir and Kholmuradova, Tutigul and Gafforov, Yusufon and Abdurazakov, Aziz and Xu, Jian‑Chu and Mortimer, Peter E. and Ren, Guang‑Cong and Jeewon, Rajesh and Maharachchikumbura, Sajeewa S. N. and Phukhamsakda, Chayanard and Mapook, Ausana and Hyde, Kevin D. (2021) Fungal diversity notes 1387–1511: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions on genera and species of fungal taxa. Fungal Diversity, 111 (1). pp. 1-335. ISSN 1560-2745

Crous, P. W. and Cowan, D. A. and Maggs-Kolling, G. and Yilmaz, N. and Thangavel, R. and Wingfield, M. J. and Noordeloos, M. E. and Dima, B. and Brandrud, T. E. and Jansen, G. M. and Morozova, O. V. and Vila, J. and Shivas, R. G. ORCID: and Tan, Y. P. and Bishop-Hurley, S. and Lacey, E. and Marney, T. S. and Larsson, E. and Le Floch, G. and Lombard, L. and Nodet, P. and Hubka, V. and Alvarado, P. and Berraf-Tebbal, A. and Reyes, J. D. and Delgado, G. and Eichmeier, A. and Jordal, J. B. and Kachalkin, A. V. and Kubatova, A. and Macia-Vicente, J. G. and Malysheva, E. F. and Papp, V. and Rajeshkumar, K. C. and Sharma, A. and Spetik, M. and Szaboova, D. and Tomashevskaya, M. A. and Abad, J.A. and Abad, Z. G. and Alexandrova, A.V. and Anand, G. and Arenas, F. and Ashtekar, N. and Balashov, S. and Banares, A. and Baroncelli, R. and Bera, I. and Biketova, A. Yu.. and Blomquist, C. L. and Boekhout, T. and Boertmann, D. and Bulyonkova, T. M. and Burgess, T. I. and Carnegie, A. J. and Cobo-Diaz, J. F. and Corriol, G. and Cunnington, J. H. and da Cruz, M. O. and Damm, U. and Davoodian, N. and de A. Santiago, A.L.C.M. and Dearnaley, J. ORCID: and de Freitas, L.W.S. and Dhileepan, K. and Dimitrov, R. and Di Piazza, S. and Fatima, S. and Fuljer, F. and Galera, H. and Ghosh, A. and Giraldo, A. and Glushakova, A. M. and Gorczak, M. and Gouliamova, D. E. and Gramaje, D. and Groenewald, M. and Gunsch, C. K. and Gutierrez, A. and Holdom, D. and Houbraken, J. and Ismailov, A. B. and Istel, L. and Iturriaga, T. and Jeppson, M. and Jurjevic, Z. and Kalinina, L. B. and Kapitonov, V. I. and Kautmanova, I. and Khalid, A. N. and Kiran, M. and Kiss, L. ORCID: and Kovacs, A. and Kurose, D. and Kusan, I. and Lad, S. and Laessoe, T. and Lee, H. B. and Luangsa-ard, J. J. and Lynch, M. ORCID: and Mahamedi, A. E. and Malysheva, V. F. and Mateos, A. and Matocec, N. and Mesic, A. and Millar, A. N. and Mongkolsamrit, S. and Moreno, G. and Morte, A. and Mostowfizadeh-Ghalamfarsa, R. and Naseer, A. and Navarro-Rodenas, A. and Nguyen, T. T. T. and Noisripoom, W. and Ntandu, J. E. and Nuytinck, J. and Ostry, V. and Pankratov, T. A. and Pawlowska, J. and Pecenka, J. and Pham, T. H. G. and Polhorshy, A. and Posta, A. and Raudabaugh, D. B. and Reschke, K. and Rodriguez, A. and Romero, M. and Rooney-Latham, S. and Roux, J. and Sandoval-Denis, M. and Smith, M. Th. and Steinrucken, T. V. and Svetasheva, T. Y. and Tkalcec, Z. and van der Linde, E. J. and v.d. Vegte, M. and Vauras, J. and Verbeken, A. and Visagie, C. M. and Vitelli, J. S. and Volobuev, S. V. and Weill, A. and Wrzosek, M. and Zmitrovich, I. V. and Zvyagina, E. A. and Groenewald, J. Z. (2021) Fungal Planet description sheets: 1182–1283. Persoonia, 46. pp. 313-528. ISSN 0031-5850

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