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Guzik, J. A. and Houdek, G. and Chaplin, W. J. and Smalley, B. and Kurtz, D. W. and Gilliland, R. L. and Mullally, F. and Rowe, J. F. and Bryson, S. T. and Still, M. D. and Antoci, V. and Appourchaux, T. and Basu, S. and Bedding, T. R. and Benomar, O. and Garcia, R. A. and Huber, D. and Kjeldsen, H. and Latham, D. W. and Metcalfe, T. S. and Papics, P. I. and White, T. R. and Aerts, C. and Ballot, J. and Boyajian, T. S. and Briquet, M. and Bruntt, H. and Buchhave, L. A. and Campante, T. L. and Catanzaro, G. and Christensen-Dalsgaard, J. and Davies, G. R. and Dogan, G. and Dragomir, D. and Doyle, A. P. and Elsworth, Y. and Frasca, A. and Gaulme, P. and Gruberbauer, M. and Handberg, R. and Hekker, S. and Karoff, C. and Lehmann, H. and Mathias, P. and Mathur, S. and Miglio, A. and Molenda-Zakowicz, J. and Mosser, B. and Murphy, S. J. and Regulo, C. and Ripepi, V. and Salabert, D. and Sousa, S. G. and Stello, D. and Uytterhoeven, K. (2016) Detection of Solar-like Oscillations, Observational Constraints, and Stellar Models for θ Cyg, the Brightest Star Observed By the Kepler Mission. The Astrophysical Journal, 831 (1):17. pp. 171-22. ISSN 1538-4357


Appourchaux, T. and Antia, H. M. and Ball, W. and Creevey, O. and Lebreton, Y. and Verma, K. and Vorontsov, S. and Campante, T. L. and Davies, G. R. and Gaulme, P. and Regulo, C. and Horch, E. and Howell, S. and Everett, M. and Ciardi, D. and Fossati, L. and Miglio, A. and Montalban, J. and Chaplin, W. J. and Garcia, R. A. and Gizon, L. (2015) A seismic and gravitationally bound double star observed by Kepler: implication for the presence of a convective core. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 582. pp. 1-19. ISSN 0004-6361


Howell, Steve B. and Rowe, Jason F. and Bryson, Stephen T. and Quinn, Samuel N. and Marcy, Geoffrey W. and Isaacson, Howard and Ciardi, David R. and Chaplin, William J. and Metcalfe, Travis S. and Monteiro, Mario J. P. F. G. and Appourchaux, Thierry and Basu, Sarbani and Creevey, Orlagh L. and Gilliland, Ronald L. and Quirion, Pierre Olivier and Stello, Denis and Kjeldsen, Hans and Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jorgen and Elsworth, Yvonne and Garcia, Rafael A. and Houdek, Gunter and Karoff, Christoffer and Molenda-Akowicz, Joanna and Thompson, Michael J. and Verner, Graham A. and Torres, Guillermo and Fressin, Francois and Crepp, Justin R. and Adams, Elisabeth and Dupree, Andrea and Sasselov, Dimitar D. and Dressing, Courtney D. and Borucki, William J. and Koch, David G. and Lissauer, Jack J. and Latham, David W. and Buchhave, Lars A. and Gautier, Thomas N. and Everett, Mark and Horch, Elliott and Batalha, Natalie M. and Dunham, Edward W. and Szkody, Paula and Silva, David R. and Mighell, Ken and Holberg, Jay and Ballot, Jerome and Bedding, Timothy R. and Bruntt, Hans and Campante, Tiago L. and Handberg, Rasmus and Hekker, Saskia and Huber, Daniel and Mathur, Savita and Mosser, Benoit and Regulo, Clara and White, Timothy R. and Christiansen, Jessie L. and Middour, Christopher K. and Haas, Michael R. and Hall, Jennifer R. and Jenkins, Jon M. and McCauliff, Sean and Fanelli, Michael N. and Kulesa, Craig and McCarthy, Don and Henze, Christopher E. (2012) KEPLER-21b: a 1.6 REarth planet transiting the bright oscillating F subgiant star HD179070. The Astrophysical Journal, 746 (2). pp. 123-140. ISSN 0004-637X

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