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Crous, P. W. and Wingfield, M. J. and Burgess, T. I. and Hardy, G. E. St. J. and Crane, C. and Barrett, S. and Cano-Lira, J. F. and Le Roux, J. J. and Thangavel, R. and Guarro, J. and Stchigel, A. M. and Martin, M. P. and Alfredo, D. S. and Barber, P. A. and Barreto, R. W. and Baseia, I. G. and Cano-Canals, J. and Cheewangkoon, R. and Ferreira, R. J. and Gene, J. and Lechat, C. and Moreno, G. and Roets, F. and Shivas, R. G. ORCID: and Sousa, J. O. and Tan, Y. P. and Wiederhold, N. P. and Abell, S. E. and Accioly, T. and Albizu, J. L. and Alves, J. L. and Antoniolli, Z. I. and Aplin, N. and Araujo, J. and Arzanlou, M. and Bezerra, J. D. P. and Bouchara, J.-P. and Carlavilla, J. R. and Castillo, A. and Castroagudin, V. L. and Ceresini, P. C. and Claridge, G. F. and Coelho, G. and Coimbra, V. R. M. and Costa, L. A. and da Cunha, K. C. and da Silva, S. S. and Daniel, R. and de Beer, Z. W. and Duenas, M. and Edwards, J. and Enwistle, P. and Fiuza, P. O. and Fournier, J. and Garcia, D. and Gibertoni, T. B. and Giraud, S. and Guevara-Suarez, M. and Gusmao, L. F. P. and Haituk, S. and Heykoop, M. and Hirooka, Y. and Hofmann, T. A. and Houbraken, J. and Hughes, D. P. and Kautmanova, I. and Koppel, O. and Koukol, O. and Larsson, E. and Latha, K. P. D. and Lee, D. H. and Lisboa, D. O. and Lisboa, W. S. and Lopez-Villalba, A. and Maciel, J. L. N. and Manimohan, P. and Manjon, J. L. and Marincowitz, S. and Marney, T. S. and Meijer, M. and Miller, A. N. and Olariaga, I. and Paiva, L. M. and Piepenbring, M. and Poveda-Molero, J. C. and Raj, K. N. A. and Raja, H. A. and Rougeron, A. and Salcedo, I. and Samadi, R. and Santos, T.A. B. and Scarlett, K. and Seifert, K. A. and Shuttleworth, L. and Silva, G. A. and Silva, M. and Siqueira, J. P. Z. and Souza-Motta, C. M. and Stephenson, S. L. and Sutton, D. A. and Tamakeaw, N. and Telleria, M. T. and Valenzuela-Lopez, N. and Viljoen, A. and Visagie, C. M. and Vizzini, A. and Wartchow, F. and Wingfield, B. D. and Yurchenko, E. and Zamora, J. C. and Groenewald, J. Z. (2016) Fungal planet description sheets: 469-557. Persoonia, 37. pp. 218-403. ISSN 0031-5850

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