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Ally, M. (2009). Data from a semi-structured interviews with five Australian businesses investigating Internet payment systems. [Collection Record (Collection)].

Mossad, R. Data on the construction of a mathmatical model to test the optimisation of the air gap spacing in a solar water heater with double glass cover ANSYS 13.0-Fluent software files. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Ostini, J. Digital Lives: Everyday Digital Literacies. [Collection Record (Dataset)]. 10.4227/113/5936480255168

Abdulla, S. Excel files of bispectral index (BIS), anaesthesia levels and nominal patient data based on sensitivity to anaesthesia. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Martin (Lehmensiek), A., Sutherland, M., & Eberhard, F. Excel table of genotyping data of the markers on the A and B genome chromosomes of eight hexaploid/tetraploid populations. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Pocock, C. Images and other research on the history and heritage of the Great Barrier Reef. [Collection Record (Collection)].

Knight, N., & Sutherland, M. Images showing a rapid differential staining technique for Fusarium pseudograminearum in cereal tissues during crown rot infections. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Terry, P., Parsons-Smith, R., Terry, V., & King, R. Influence of sex, age, and education on mood profile clusters. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Gacenga, F. Results from a survey of members of the IT Service Management Forum of Australia to measure the performance of service orientated IT management. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

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