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Abbas, N. 3D Gait Phase Image and Plantar Pressure Comparison between Adults and Older Adults. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Gacenga, F. A Performance Measurement Framework for IT Service Management. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Barker, B. Australian Aboriginal Archaeological Research. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Cotter, J. Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development Collaborative Data Space. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

User, T. Australian Digital Futures Institute Data Collection. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Cobon, D., Gacenga, F., An-Vo, D., Pudmenzky, C., Nguyen-Huy, T., Stone, R., Guillory, L., Jackson, J., Svoboda, M., & Swigart, J. Australian Drought Monitor. [Collection Record (Dataset)]. doi:10.26192/dmek-v625

Marcussen, T. Australian MODIS and Landsat Satellite Imagery for Agriculture. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Poudel, B. Bioinformatics Data of Fungal Pathogens. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Bhandarkar, N. Coffee in metabolic syndrome. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Schubel, P., Zeng, X., Shelley, T., & Alajarmeh, O. (2019). CRC-P Next Generation Pultrusion Processes. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Rahman, M. CRN Project Data on Enhanced practice through connectivity to digital technologies and information. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Pahl, J. Curcumin in obesity. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Ally, M. (2009). Data from a semi-structured interviews with five Australian businesses investigating Internet payment systems. [Collection Record (Collection)].

Mossad, R. Data on the construction of a mathmatical model to test the optimisation of the air gap spacing in a solar water heater with double glass cover ANSYS 13.0-Fluent software files. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Rana, R. Development Data of Mood Inference Engine. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Ostini, J. (2014). Digital Lives: Everyday Digital Literacies. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Butler, H. Dustwatch Modelled Data Collection. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

User, T. Effects of application uniformity changes on energy requirements for Aust lateral move irrigation machines. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Abdulla, S. Excel files of bispectral index (BIS), anaesthesia levels and nominal patient data based on sensitivity to anaesthesia. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Martin (Lehmensiek), A., Sutherland, M., & Eberhard, F. Excel table of genotyping data of the markers on the A and B genome chromosomes of eight hexaploid/tetraploid populations. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Brown, L. Functional Foods Research Group. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Brown, L. Functional Foods Research Group: Lindsay Brown. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Wanyonyi, S. Functional Foods Research Group: Stephen Wanyonyi. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Panchal, S. Functional Foods Research Group: Sunil Panchal. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

John, O. Garcinia fruits. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Marcussen, T., & Mushtaq, S. Global Climate Models. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Muller, S. Goodwill Hunting. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Pocock, C. Images and other research on the history and heritage of the Great Barrier Reef. [Collection Record (Collection)].

Knight, N., & Sutherland, M. Images showing a rapid differential staining technique for Fusarium pseudograminearum in cereal tissues during crown rot infections. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Ghattamaneni, N. Inflammatory bowel disease. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Terry, P., Parsons-Smith, R., Terry, V., & King, R. Influence of sex, age, and education on mood profile clusters. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Holton, T. Jovian Trojan N-Body Simulations. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Shafie, S. Linseed in obesity. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Campbell, G. MERIS Eastern Australia Time Series. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

du Preez, R. Nanocurcumin. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Eberhard, J. NCEA Research Project Archive. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Tscharke, M. NCEA's Remote Monitoring and Automatic Detection of Grain Crop Attributes for GRDC Variety Trials. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Carnahan, S. Oats in obesity. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Morrison, A. Older Adult Activity Study. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Azis Ismail, M. Physical Water Exchanges Process in Southeast Queensland. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Marsden, S. PolarBase Mirror. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Purushotham, N. PopGen phytopath. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Lamont-Mills, A. Psychology, Counselling, and Psychotherapy Consultation Digital Communication Talk Bank. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Pembleton, K. Queensland Archive of Agricultural Systems Modelling Data, Results and Outcomes. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Peter, J. Radar Climatology of Severe Storms in Australia. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Phillips, T., & Moloney, C. Reducing avoidable COPD emergency room presentations. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Gacenga, F. Results from a survey of members of the IT Service Management Forum of Australia to measure the performance of service orientated IT management. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Downs, N. SEQ Ultraviolet and Cloud Measurement Data Collection. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Nanka, A. Smarter Irrigation 2_Foley. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Balzer, A. Sorghum in obesity. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

User, T. The Existence and Necessity of Common Pilot Personality Traits in Pilot Trainees. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Buttsworth, D. TUSQ hypersonic wind tunnel storage. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Mengel, M. USQ Astronomy Data Repository. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

User, T. USQ Competitive Research Grants Archive. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Neary, L. Wheat Foliar Diseases in Queensland Especially Yellow Spot. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

Pocock, C. World Heritage and Environment. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

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