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van Erp, Gerardus Maria (2003) A method of manufacturing structural units. .

Aravinthan, Thiru (2007) A strengthening system: international patent for innovative structural strengthening using externally prestressed fibre wraps. .

University of Southern Queensland (2014) An aerolance system. .

De Byl, Penny-Anne Kaye; Mills, Christopher William (2007) An emotion recognition system and method. .

Andrew Wilfred Reid, Zuhua Zhang (2019) Assessment method. .

UNSPECIFIED (2012) Biologically active compounds isolated from Centipeda and their biological activity as antioxidant and antiinflammatory agents. .

Leis, John William (2010) Capture and playback of computer screen contents and accompanying audio. .

Nanyang Technological University [SG/SG], 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798 (SG) (2014) Combined ultrasonication and enzymatic pretreatment of waste activated sludge prior to anaerobic digestion. .

Mukkur, Trilochan Kanwaljit Singh (2008) Defective entities and uses therefor. .

Aston University, United Kingdom (2013) Drilling apparatus and methods. .

Kist, Alexander A. (2008) Estimating bandwidth. .

Maxwell, Andrew (2006) HCL [Trademark]. .

Hancock, Nigel and Maxwell, Andrew (2005) HCL. Trade Mark No.1044991 (as a series in Class 9, Scientific Apparatus, Measuring Apparatus) registered from 07 March 2005 (for ten years). .

Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANSTO) (2007) Measurement of hydraulic conductivity using a radioactive or activatable tracer. .

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (2004) Measuring rate of change of oxygen concentration and intrinsic oxidation rate in a pile of material. .

Hancock, Nigel (2008) Method and apparatus for measuring electrical conductivity. .

University of Southern Queensland (2005) Method and apparatus for measuring electrical conductivity. .

Zahra Faraji Rad, Robert Ernest Nordon, Graham James Davies, Carl John Anthony, Philip Prewett (2020) Microfluidic devices and fabrication. doi:10850082B2.

Jason Brown (Inventor) AT&T Mobility II LLC (Current Assignee) AT&T Mobility II LLC (Original Assignee) (2009) Multiple subscription subscriber identity module (SIM) card. .

Farrell, David John; Daggard, Grant Edward; Mukkur, Trilochan Kanwaljit Singh (2001) Shared primer PCR combined with hybridisation for the detection of Bordetella Pertussis and B. Parapertussis. .

The Boeing Company (2013) Signal monitoring system and methods of operating same. .

Boeing Aircraft Co. (2015) Signal monitoring system for monitoring strain applied to a composite component. .

Nanyang Technological University (2018) Stepwise alkaline/ultrasound pretreatment of waste activated sludge prior to anaerobic digestion. .

van Erp, Gerardus Maria (2004) Structural elements formed from castable material. .

United States of America as represented by Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, DC (2018) System for sorting fruit. .

Ian P. Craig (2003) The spinning pins nozzle: a new controlled droplet applicator for aircraft. .

Jason Brown, Inderpreet Singh Ahluwalia (Inventors) AT&T Intellectual Property I LP (Current Assignee) AT&T Intellectual Property I LP (Original Assignee) (2014) UICC control over devices used to obtain service. .

Malpress, Ray (2016) Variable length connecting rod. .

University of Southern Queensland (1998) Vehicle guidance system. .

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