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Li, Jiajun and Zhang, Ping and Chen, Lin and Li, Gaoming and Chen, Hao and Jia, Chunhui and Wu, Yeping and Chen, Mao and Zhao, Xiuli and Song, Pingan ORCID: (2020) Strong, tough and healable elastomer nanocomposites enabled by a hydrogen-bonded supramolecular network. Composites Communications, 22:100530. pp. 1-7. ISSN 2452-2139

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Liu, Lina and Wang, Zhenyu and Yu, Youming and Fu, Shenyuan and Nie, Yujing and Wang, Hao and Song, Pingan ORCID: (2019) Engineering Interfaces toward High-Performance Polypropylene/Coir Fiber Biocomposites with Enhanced Friction and Wear Behavior. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 7 (22). pp. 18453-18462. ISSN 2168-0485

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