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Mehrabi, Zia and Delzeit, Ruth and Ignaciuk, Adriana and Levers, Christian and Braich, Ginni and Bajaj, Kushank and Amo-Aidoo, Araba and Anderson, Weston and Balgah, Roland A. and Benton, Tim G. and Chari, Martin M. and Ellis, Erle C. and Gahi, Narcisse and Gaupp, Franziska and Garibaldi, Lucas A. and Gerber, James S. and Godde, Cecile M. and Grass, Ingo and Heimann, Tobias and Hirons, Mark and Hoogenboom, Gerrit and Jain, Meha and James, Dana and Makowski, David and Masamha, Blessing and Meng, Sisi and Monprapussorn, Sathaporn and Muller, Daniel and Nelson, Andrew and Newlands, Nathaniel K. and Noack, Frederik and Oronje, Mary Lucy and Raymond, Colin and Reichstein, Markus and Rieseberg, Loren H. and Rodriguez-Llanes, Jose M. and Rosenstock, Todd and Rowhani, Pedram and Sarhadi, Ali and Seppelt, Ralf and Sidhu, Balsher S. and Snapp, Sieglinde and Soma, Tammara and Sparks, Adam H. ORCID: and Teh, Louise and Tigchelaar, Michelle and Vogel, Martha M. and West, Paul C. and Wittman, Hannah and You, Liangzhi (2022) Research priorities for global food security under extreme events. One Earth, 5 (7). pp. 756-766. ISSN 2590-3330

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