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Stevens, Bjorn and Bony, Sandrine and Farrell, David and Ament, Felix and Blyth, Alan and Fairall, Christopher and Karstensen, Johannes and Quinn, Patricia K. and Speich, Sabrina and Acquistapace, Claudia and Aemisegger, Franziska and Albright, Anna Lea and Bellenger, Hugo and Bodenschatz, Eberhard and Caesar, Kathy-Ann and Chewitt-Lucas, Rebecca and de Boer, Gijs and Delanoe, Julien and Denby, Leif and Ewald, Florian and Fildier, Benjamin and Forde, Marvin and George, Geet and Gross, Silke. and Hagen, Martin and Hausold, A. and Heywood, K. J. and Hirsch, L. and Jacob, M. and Jansen, F. and Kinne, S. and Klocke, D. and Kolling, T. and Konow, H. and Lothon, M. and Mohr, W. and Naumann, A. K. and Nuijens, L. and Olivier, L. and Pincus, R. and Pohlker, M. and Reverdin, G. and Roberts, G. and Schnitt, S. and Schulz, H. and Siebesma, A. P. and Stephan, C. C. and Sullivan, P. and Touze-Peiffer, L. and Vial, J. and Vogel, R. and Zuidema, P. and Alexander, N. and Alves, L. and Arixi, S. and Asmath, H. and Bagheri, G. and Baier, K. and Bailey, A. and Baranowski, D. and Baron, A. and Barrau, S. and Barrett, P. A. and Batier, F. and Behrendt, A. and Bendinger, A. and Beucher, F. and Bigorre, S. and Blades, E. and Blossey, P. and Bock, O. and Boing, S. and Bosser, P. and Bourras, D. and Bouruet-Aubertot, P. and Bower, K. and Branellec, P. and Branger, H. and Brennek, M. and Brewer, A. and Brilouet, P. E. and Brugmann, B. and Buehler, S. A. and Burke, E. and Burton, R. and Calmer, R. and Canonici, J. C. and Carton, X. and Cato Jr, G. and Charles, J. A. and Chazette, P. and Chen, Y. and Chilinski, M. T. and Choularton, T. and Chuang, P. and Clarke, S. and Coe, H. and Cornet, C. and Coutris, P. and Couvreux, F. and Crewell, S. and Cronin, T. and Cui, Z. and Cuypers, Y. and Daley, A. and Damerell, G. M. and Dauhut, T. and Deneke, H. and Desbios, J. P. and Dorner, S. and Donner, S. and Douet, V. and Drushka, K. and Dutsch, M. and Ehrlich, A. and Emanuel, K. and Emmanouilidis, A. and Etienne, J. C. and Etienne-Leblanc, S. and Faure, G. and Feingold, G. and Ferrero, L. and Fix, A. and Flamant, C. and Flatau, P. J. and Foltz, G. R. and Forster, L. and Furtuna, I. and Gadian, A. and Galewsky, J. and Gallagher, M. and Gallimore, P. and Gaston, C. and Gentemann, C. and Geyskens, N. and Giez, A. and Gollop, J. and Gouirand, I. and Gourbeyre, C. and de Graaf, D. and de Groot, G. E. and Grosz, R. and Guttler, J. and Gutleben, M. and Hall, K. and Harris, G. and Helfer, K. C. and Henze, D. and Herbert, C. and Holanda, B. and Ibanez-Landeta, A. and Intrieri, J. and Iyer, S. and Julien, F. and Kalesse, H. and Kazil, J. and Kellman, A. and Kidane, A. T. and Kirchner, U. and Klingebiel, M. and Korner, M. and Kremper, L. A. and Kretzschmar, J. and Kruger, O. and Kumala, W. and Kurz, A. and L'Hegaret, P. and Labaste, M. and Lachlan-Cope, T. and Laing, A. and Landschützer, P. and Lang, T. and Lange, D. and Lange, I. and Laplace, C. and Lavik, G. and Laxenaire, R. and Le Bihan, C. and Leandro, M. and Lefevre, N. and Lena, M. and Lenschow, D. and Li, Q. and Lloyd, G. and Los, S. and Losi, N. and Lovell, O. and Luneau, C. and Makuch, P. and Malinowski, S. and Manta, G. and Marinou, E. and Marsden, N. and Masson, S. and Maury, N. and Mayer, B. and Mayers-Als, M. and Mazel, C. and McGeary, W. and McWilliams, J. C. and Mech, M. and Mehlmann, M. and Meroni, A. N. and Mieslinger, T. and Minikin, A. and Minnett, P. and Möller, G. and Morfa Avalos, Y. and Muller, C. and Musat, I. and Napoli, A. and Neuberger, A. and Noisel, C. and Noone, D. and Nordsiek, F. and Nowak, J. L. and Oswald, L. and Parker, D. J. and Peck, C. and Person, R. and Philippi, M. and Plueddemann, A. and Pohlker, C. and Portge, V. and Poschl, U. and Pologne, L. and Posyniak, M. and Prange, M. and Quinones Melendez, E. and Radtke, J. and Ramage, K. and Reimann, J. and Renault, L. and Reus, K. and Reyes, A. and Ribbe, J. and Ringel, M. and Ritschel, M. and Rocha, C. B. and Rochetin, N. and Rottenbacher, J. and Rollo, C. and Royer, H. and Sadoulet, P. and Saffin, L. and Sandiford, S. and Sandu, I. and Schafer, M. and Schemann, V. and Schirmacher, I. and Schlenczek, O. and Schmidt, J. and Schroder, M. and Schwarzenboeck, A. and Sealy, A. and Senff, C. J. and Serikov, I. and Shohan, S. and Siddle, E. and Smirnov, A. and Spath, F. and Spooner, B. and Stolla, M. K. and Szkolka, W. and de Szoeke, S. P. and Tarot, S. and Tetoni, E. and Thompson, E. and Thomson, J. and Tomassini, L. and Totems, J. and Ubele, A. A. and Villiger, L. and von Arx, J. and Wagner, T. and Walther, A. and Webber, B. and Wendisch, M. and Whitehall, S. and Wiltshire, A. and Wing, A. A. and Wirth, M. and Wiskandt, J. and Wolf, K. and Worbes, L. and Wright, E. and Wulfmeyer, V. and Young, S. and Zhang, C. and Zhang, D. and Ziemen, F. and Zinner, T. and Zoger, M. (2021) EUREC4A. Earth System Science Data, 13 (8). pp. 4067-4119. ISSN 1866-3508

Garrett, K. A. and Nita, M. and De Wolf, E. D. and Esker, P. D. and Gomez-Montano, L. and Sparks, A. H. ORCID: (2021) Plant pathogens as indicators of climate change. In: Climate Change: Observed Impacts on Planet Earth (3rd ed.). Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands, pp. 499-513. ISBN 9780128215753

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