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Majeed Al-Hammashi, Ammar Sabri (2021) Close-range photogrammetry and gait pressure for perpetrator identification. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Perera, Harsha and Hussain, Waqar and Whittle, Jon and Nurwidyantoro, Arif and Mougouei, David ORCID: and Shams, Rifat Ara and Oliver, Gillian (2020) A study on the prevalence of human values in software engineering publications, 2015 - 2018. In: 42nd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2020), 27 Jun - 19 Jul 2020, Seoul, South Korea.

Mougouei, Davoud ORCID: (2020) Engineering human values in software through value programming. In: 42nd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering Workshops (ICSEW 2020), 27 Jun - 19 Jul 2020, Seoul, South Korea.

McCoy, Austin G. and Noel, Zachary and Sparks, Adam H. ORCID: and Chilvers, Martin (2019) hagis, an R Package Resource for Pathotype Analysis of Phytophthora sojae Populations Causing Stem and Root Rot of Soybean. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 32 (12). pp. 1574-1576. ISSN 0894-0282

Nabi, Faisal and Yong, Jianming and Tao, Xiaohui ORCID: (2019) Proposing a secure component-based-application logic and system’s integration testing approach. International Journal of Information and Electronics Engineering, 11 (1). pp. 25-39.

Perera, Harsha and Hussain, Waqar and Mougouei, Davoud ORCID: and Shams, Rifat Ara and Nurwidyantoro, Arif and Whittle, Jon (2019) Towards Integrating Human Values into Software: Mapping Principles and Rights of GDPR to Values. In: IEEE 27th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE 2019), 23 Sept – 27 Sept 2019, Jeju Island, South Korea.

Sparks, Adam H. ORCID: (2018) ThetaProbe. [Computer Program]

Barafort, Beatrix and Shrestha, Anup ORCID: and Cortina, Stephane and Renault, Alain (2018) A software artefact to support standard-based process assessment: evolution of the TIPA® framework in a design science research project. Computer Standards and Interfaces, 60. pp. 37-47. ISSN 0920-5489

Shrestha, Anup ORCID: and Cater-Steel, Aileen and Toleman, Mark ORCID: and Rout, Terry (2018) Benefits and relevance of International Standards in a design science research project for process assessments. Computer Standards and Interfaces, 60. pp. 48-56. ISSN 0920-5489

Pham, Thuan ORCID: and Tao, Xiaohui ORCID: and Zhang, Ji ORCID: and Yong, Jianming and Zhang, Wenping and Cai, Yi (2018) Mining heterogeneous information graph for health status classification. In: 5th International Conference on Behavioral, Economic, and Socio-Cultural Computing (BESC 2018), 12-14 Nov 2018, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Sparks, Adam H. ORCID: (2018) nasapower: a NASA POWER global meteorology, surface solar energy and climatology data client for R [Journal of Open Source Software, vol. 3, no. 30, 1035. [Computer Program]

Hussain, Waqar and Mougouei, Davoud ORCID: and Whittle, Jon (2018) Integrating Social Values into Software Design Patterns. In: 2018 ACM/IEEE International Workshop on Software Fairness: Fairware (ACM 2018), 29 May 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Mougouei, Davoud ORCID: and Perera, Harsha and Hussain, Waqar and Shams, Rifat and Whittle, Jon (2018) Operationalizing human values in software: A research roadmap. In: 26th ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE 2018), 4 Nov - 9 Nov 2018, Lake Buena Vista, United States.

Sparks, Adam H. ORCID: and Padgham, Mark and Parsonage, Hugh and Pembleton, Keith ORCID: (2017) bomrang: fetch Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology data in R [Journal of Open Source Software, vol. 2, no. 17, 411]. [Computer Program]

Mougouei, Davoud ORCID: and Powers, David M.W. and Moeini, Ashgar (2017) An integer linear programming model for binary knapsack problem with dependent item values. In: 30th Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI 2017), 19 Aug - 20 Aug 2017, Melbourne, Australia.

Sparks, Adam H. ORCID: (2017) getCRUCLdata: use and explore CRU CL v. 2.0 climatology elements in R. [Computer Program]

Sparks, Adam H. ORCID: and Hengl, Tomislav and Nelson, Andrew (2017) GSODR: Global Summary Daily Weather Data in R. [Computer Program]

Gao, Pan and Peng, Qiang and Xiang, Wei (2015) Error-resilient multi-view video coding using Wyner-Ziv techniques. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 74 (18). pp. 7957-7982. ISSN 1380-7501

Garrett, Karen A. and Esker, Paul D. and Sparks, Adam H. ORCID: (2015) An introduction to key distributions and models in epidemiology using R. In: Exercises in plant disease epidemiology, 2nd ed. American Phytopathological Society, St. Paul, Minnesota, pp. 3-14. ISBN 978-0-89054-440-2

Trevorrow, Brendan (2014) Rhythmic constant pitch time stretching for digital audio. In: 43rd International Congress on Noise Control Engineering (INTERNOISE 2014): Improving the World Through Noise Control, 16-19 Nov 2014, Melbourne, Australia.

Yadav, Orunganti Vara Prasad (2014) Voltage control in micro-grids. [USQ Project]

Gu, Shushi and Jiao, Jian and Zhang, Qinyu and Yang, Zhihua and Xiang, Wei and Cao, Bin (2014) Network-coded rateless coding scheme in erasure multiple-access relay enable communications. IET Communications, 8 (4). pp. 537-545. ISSN 1751-8628

Bedford, Tasman and Murphy, Angela and Farley, Helen (2013) ICT for prisoner education: the story of a trial project. In: 1st Foundation and Bridging Educators New Zealand Conference (FABENZ 2012): Create and Collaborate , 3-4 Dec 2012, Auckland, New Zealand.

Murphy, Angela and Farley, Helen (2013) Innovation and frustration go hand in hand: reflections on a project to enhancing the learning experiences of students within prison walls. In: Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia Distance Education Summit (ODLAA 2013): Education Across Space and Time: Meeting the Diverse Needs of the Distance Learner, 4-6 Feb 2013, Sydney, Australia.

Dekeyser, Stijn ORCID: and Watson, Richard (2013) Metadata manipulation interface design. In: 14th Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC 2013): User Interfaces 2013, 29 Jan-1 Feb 2013, Adelaide, Australia.

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Farley, Helen and Murphy, Angela and Bedford, Tasman (2012) Bridging the digital divide: bringing e-literacy skills ot incarcerated students. In: ASCILITE 2012: 29th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education: Future Challenges, Sustainable Futures, 25-28 Nov 2012, Wellington, New Zealand.

Xiang, Yang and Pathan, Mukaddim and Tao, Xiaohui and Wang, Hua, eds. (2012) Data and knowledge engineering: Third International Conference, ICDKE 2012 Wuyishan, Fujian, China, November 21-23, 2012 Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, v. 7696, 7696. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany. ISBN 978-3-642-34678-1

Farley, Helen and Murphy, Angela (2012) The use of mobile technologies to overcome digital inequities in prison education: a pilot project. In: 11th World Conference On Mobile and Contextual Learning (mLearn 2012), 16-18 Oct 2012, Helsinki, Finland.

Farley, Helen and Janke, Des and Murphy, Angela and Fowler, Jonathon (2012) Using Moodle and eReaders to overcome the digital divide in the education of incarcerated offenders: work in progress report. In: MoodleMoot Au 2012: Riding the Wave, 1-4 Jul 2012, Gold Coast, Australia .

Murphy, Angela (2012) Digital innovations in prison education: a review of current initiatives. In: 9th Symposium of Postgraduate and Early Career Research (PGECR 2012), 27 Apr 2012, Toowoomba, Australia.

Arjun, K. C. (2012) Key factors impacting on response time of software vendors in releasing patches for software vulnerabilities. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Fichera, Anthony (2011) A practical comparison of VISSIM and SIDRA for the assessment of development impacts. [USQ Project]

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Macan Markar, Deborah (2010) Implementing problem-based learning in software engineering in a Sri Lankan University. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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Clancy, Sean and Nielsen, Matthew and Baillie-de Byl, Penny and Quinn, Andrea (2009) Facilitate this. [Computer Program]

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Quarisa, Matthew (2005) An inexpensive hardware-based identification system for improved computer security. [USQ Project]

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