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Oliveira, Francisco Braulio and Haque, Amanul and Mougouei, Davoud ORCID: and Evans, Simon and Sichman, Jaime Simao and Singh, Munindar P. (2022) Investigating the Emotional Response to COVID-19 News on Twitter: A Topic Modeling and Emotion Classification Approach. IEEE Access, 10. pp. 16883-16897.

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Peng, Yuquan and Li, Lin and Xie, Qing and Tao, Xiaohui ORCID: (2021) Learning Cooperative Max-Pressure Control by Leveraging Downstream Intersections Information for Traffic Signal Control. In: 5th International Joint Conference on Asia-Pacific Web and Web-Age Information Management, Part II (APWeb-WAIM 2021), 23 Aug - 25 Aug 2021, Guangzhou, China.

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Kok, Christopher and Jahmunah, V. and Oh, Shu Lih and Zhou, Xujuan and Gururajan, Raj ORCID: and Tao, Xiaohui ORCID: and Cheong, Kang Hao and Gururajan, Rashmi and Molinari, Filippo and Acharya, U. Rajendra (2020) Automated prediction of sepsis using temporal convolutional network. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 127:103957. pp. 1-10. ISSN 0010-4825

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Pham, Thuan ORCID: (2020) Knowledge discovery for health risk prediction. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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