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Baade, Peter D. and Fowler, Helen and Kou, Kou and Chambers, Suzanne K. and Pyke, Chris and Aitken, Joanne F. (2022) A prognostic survival model for women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in Queensland, Australia. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 195 (2). pp. 191-200. ISSN 0167-6806

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Aleer, Elijah (2022) Substance Abuse and its Prevention Programs: The Case of Refugee Youth. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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Carter, Jennifer and Carey, Melissa ORCID: (2021) Healing the Spirit: an autoethnographic research of survival through transmutation. In: Contemporary Ethnography Across Disciplines 2021: Research that Matters, 10 Nov - 12 Nov 2021, Auckland, New Zealand.

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Lambert, Estelle Victoria and Kolbe-Alexander, Tracy ORCID: and Adlakha, Deepti and Oyeyemi, Adewale and Anokye, Nana Kwame and Goenka, Shifalika and Mogrovejo, Patricia and Salvo, Deborah (2020) Making the case for 'physical activity security': the 2020 WHO Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour from a Global South perspective. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 54 (24). pp. 1447-1448. ISSN 0306-3674

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Easton, Caitlin J. E. (2020) ‘From where I stand’ - what do service providers in St George say are influences for Indigenous youth suicide in their community? [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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