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Liu, Yue and Xie, Jia-Zhan and Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Yue, Qing-Rui and Tan, Cheng and Che, Gong-Jian (2022) CFRP lamella stay-cable and its force measurement based on microwave radar. Case Studies in Construction Materials, 16:e00824. pp. 1-17.

Jahan, Shah and Khan, Khurram Iqbal Ahmad and Thaheem, Muhammad Jamaluddin and Ullah, Fahim ORCID: and Alqurashi, Muwaffaq and Alsulami, Badr T. (2022) Modeling Profitability-Influencing Risk Factors for Construction Projects: A System Dynamics Approach. Buildings, 12 (6):701. pp. 1-22.

Aslam, Bilal and Maqsoom, Ahsen and Tahir, Muhammad Dawar and Ullah, Fahim ORCID: and Rehman, Muhammad Sami Ur and Albattah, Mohammed (2022) Identifying and Ranking Landfill Sites for Municipal Solid Waste Management: An Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Approach. Buildings, 12 (5):605. pp. 1-20.

Bheel, Naraindas and Ahmed Ali, Montasir Osman and Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Khahro, Shabir Hussain and Keerio, Manthar Ali (2022) Experimental study on fresh, mechanical properties and embodied carbon of concrete blended with sugarcane bagasse ash, metakaolin, and millet husk ash as ternary cementitious material. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29 (4). pp. 5224-5239. ISSN 1614-7499

Duo, Yongyu and Liu, Xiaogang and Liu, Yue and Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Sabbrojjaman, Md (2021) Environmental impact on the durability of FRP reinforcing bars. Journal of Building Engineering, 43:102909. pp. 1-20. ISSN 2352-7102

Bheel, Naraindas and Awoyera, Paul and Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Sor, Nadhim Hamah and Sohu, Samiullah (2021) Synergic effect of metakaolin and groundnut shell ash on the behavior of fly ash-based self-compacting geopolymer concrete. Construction and Building Materials, 311:125327. ISSN 0950-0618

Jayawickrema, U. M. N. and Kumar, A. S. and Herath, H. M. C. M. ORCID: and Hettiarachchi, N. K. and Sooriyaarachchi, H. P. and Epaarachchi, J. A. (2021) Surface-Mounted Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor Measurements, and Concrete Damaged Plasticity Modeling for Damage Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams. In: ASME 2021 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems (SMASIS2021), 14 Sept - 15 Sept 2021, United States and Online.

Ferdous, Wahid ORCID: and Manalo, Allan ORCID: and Alajarmeh, Omar ORCID: and Mohammed, Ali A. and Salih, Choman ORCID: and Yu, Peng and Mehrinejad Khotbehsara, Mojdeh and Schubel, Peter ORCID: (2021) Static behaviour of glass fibre reinforced novel composite sleepers for mainline railway track. Engineering Structures, 229:111627. pp. 1-11. ISSN 0141-0296

Srinivasamurthy, Lakshmikanth (2021) Efflorescence and leaching behaviour of fly ash-slag based alkali-activated materials. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Lawrence, Clayton John Hamilton (2021) How does professional development align in the construction workplace when associated with integrated management systems? [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Thorpe, David and Aghili, Nasim and van Neuren, Craig (2021) Managing Sustainable Asset Networks using Advanced Information Systems. In: 2021 International Conference on Maintenance and Intelligent Asset Management (ICMIAM 2021), 12 Dec - 15 Dec 2021, Ballarat, Australia.

Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Fawzia, Sabrina and Thambiratnam, David (2020) Investigation on the behaviour of CFRP strengthened CHS members under monotonic loading through finite element modelling. Structures, 28. pp. 297-308.

Liu, Yue and Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Dogar, Attiq Ur Rahman and Huckler, Alexander (2020) Shrinkage behavior enhancement of infra-lightweight concrete through FRP grid reinforcement and development of their shrinkage prediction models. Construction and Building Materials, 258:119649. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0950-0618

Mehrinejad Khotbehsara, Mojdeh and Manalo, Allan ORCID: and Aravinthan, Thiru ORCID: and Ferdous, Wahid ORCID: and Nguyen, Kate T.Q. and Hota, Gangarao (2020) Ageing of particulate-filled epoxy resin under hygrothermal conditions. Construction and Building Materials, 249:118846. pp. 1-14. ISSN 0950-0618

Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Fawzia, Sabrina ORCID: and Thambiratnam, David ORCID: (2020) Numerical investigation on the CFRP strengthened steel frame under earthquake. Materials Science Forum, 995. pp. 123-129. ISSN 0255-5476

Dogar, Attiq Ur Rahman and Ubaid Ur Rehman, Hafiz Muhammad and Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Iqbal, Naveed (2020) Experimental investigations on inelastic behaviour and modified Gerber joint for double-span steel trapezoidal sheeting. Structures, 24. pp. 514-525.

Mehrinejad Khotbehsara, Mojdeh (2020) Long-term behaviour of particulate-filled epoxy-based polymers. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Fawzia, Sabrina and Thambiratnam, David and Zhao, X. L. (2020) Numerical investigation of CFRP strengthened RHS members under cyclic loading. Structures, 24. pp. 610-626.

Wu, Linmei (2020) Study on dimensional stability of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Fawzia, Sabrina and Thambiratnam, David and Zhao, X. L. (2020) Study on the cyclic bending behaviour of CFRP strengthened full-scale CHS members. Structures, 28. pp. 741-756.

Mehrinejad Khotbehsara, Mojdeh and Manalo, Allan ORCID: and Aravinthan, Thiru ORCID: and Reddy, Kakarla Raghava and Ferdous, Wahid ORCID: and Wong, Hong and Nazari, Ali (2019) Effect of elevated in-service temperature on the mechanical properties and microstructure of particulate-filled epoxy polymers. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 170:108994. pp. 1-15. ISSN 0141-3910

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Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Fawzia, Sabrina and Thambiratnam, David and Zhao, Xiao-Ling (2019) Behaviour of CFRP strengthened CHS members under monotonic and cyclic loading. Composite Structures, 220. pp. 592-601. ISSN 0263-8223

Vali, Ramin and Mehrinejad Khotbehsara, Elham and Saberian, Mohammad and Li, Jie and Mehrinejad, Mojdeh and Jahandari, Soheil (2019) A three-dimensional numerical comparison of bearing capacity and settlement of tapered and under-reamed piles. International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 13 (3). pp. 236-248. ISSN 1938-6362

Tafsirojjaman, T. ORCID: and Fawzia, S. and Thambiratnam, D. and Zhao, X. L. (2019) Seismic strengthening of rigid steel frame with CFRP. Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 19 (2). pp. 334-347. ISSN 1644-9665

Mba Lozano, Eduardo (2019) Efficiency of a dry detention basin with a biofilter as an outlet (DDBBO) in treating stormwater pollutants. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Mirza Hassan, Mohammad (2019) Numerical investigation of sinkhole stability in undrained clay. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Mehrinejad Khotbehsara, Mojdeh and Mehdizadeh Miyandehi, Bahareh and Naseri, Farzad and Ozbakkaloglu, Togay and Jafari, Faezeh and Mohseni, Ehsan (2018) Effect of SnO2, ZrO2, and CaCO3 nanoparticles on water transport and durability properties of self-compacting mortar containing fly ash: experimental observations and ANFIS predictions. Construction and Building Materials (158). pp. 823-834. ISSN 0950-0618

Zargar, Majid (2018) Development and application of a new multistage confined dynamic creep test for asphalt. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Majeed, Ammar and Chong, Albert K. and Abdulla, Shahab ORCID: (2017) Person identification by gait analysis using photogrammetry techniques and foot pressure sensing matt. In: 1st MoHESR and HCED Iraqi Scholars Conference in Australasia 2017 (ISCA 2017), 5-6 Dec 2017, Melbourne, Australia.

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Ghanei, Amir and Jafari, Faezeh and Mehrinejad Khotbehsara, Mojdeh and Mohseni, Ehsan and Tang, Waiching and Cui, Hongzhi (2017) Effect of nano-CuO on engineering and microstructure properties of fibre-reinforced mortars incorporating metakaolin: experimental and numerical studies. Materials, 10 (10). ISSN 1996-1944

Rasekh, Haleh and Aziz, Naj and Mirzaghorbanali, Ali ORCID: and Nemcik, Jan and Li, Xuwei and Yang, Guanyu and Khaleghparast, Saman (2017) Double shear testing of cable bolts with no concrete face contacts. Procedia Engineering, 191. pp. 1169-1177.

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Li, Xuwei and Aziz, Naj and Mirzaghorbanali, Ali ORCID: and Nemcik, Jan (2017) Comparison of the shear test results of a cable bolt on three laboratory test apparatuses. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 61. pp. 82-89. ISSN 0886-7798

Lowry, Mark (2016) A validation of the model for effluent disposal using land irrigation (MEDLI). [USQ Project]

Noon, Jarred (2016) An assessment of the deceleration on horizontal curve component of the Austroads operating speed estimation model. [USQ Project]

Evans, Michael (2016) Species distribution modelling of the Glossy Black Cockatoo in Queensland’s Condamine region. [USQ Project]

Skehan, Ned (2016) Towards two-dimensional infiltration measurement in complex and variable soil environments. [USQ Project]

West, David (2016) Tracking machinery to investigate the effect of compaction during sugar cane harvesting. [USQ Project]

Keightley, Anthony J (2016) A numerical investigation into sinkhole formation. [USQ Project]

Sirimanna, C. S. and Banerjee, S. ORCID: and Karunasena, W. ORCID: and Manalo, A. C. ORCID: and McGarva, L. (2015) Analysis of retrofitted corroded steel pipes using internally bonded FRP composite repair systems. Australian Journal of Structural Engineering, 16 (3). pp. 187-198. ISSN 1328-7982

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Pearson, Kelly (2015) Feasibility of improved traffic flow on Cohoe Street, Toowoomba by intersection improvements. [USQ Project]

Green, Matthew (2015) Uniformity performance of non-standard overlapped center pivot and lateral move sprinklers. [USQ Project]

Strack, Anita Leigh (2015) A review on Australian mine haul road design procedures. [USQ Project]

Pathiranage, Thilini (2015) Analysis of bridge failure due to Cyclone Marcia in Central Queensland using fault tree method. [USQ Project]

Cook, Garth Anthony (2015) On-site detention methods & the cumulative effect. [USQ Project]

Moes, Denika (2015) Power-Law flood frequency analysis of selected Queensland stream gauges. [USQ Project]

Sparksman, Peter John (2015) Quantifying the time and cost associated with the Request for Information (RFI) OR Technical Query (TQ) process - a designers perspective. [USQ Project]

Rizzo, Giuseppe Ferdinando (2015) Use of biochar geostructures for urban stormwater water cleanup. [USQ Project]

Nash, Lachlan (2015) A review of warrants for traffic barriers in divided carriageway medians. [USQ Project]

Paul, Gregory (2015) An evaluation of traffic calming devices for major highways passing through rural Australian communities. [USQ Project]

Raleigh, Andrew (2015) How to mitigate the effects of scour on bridge piers through the use of combined countermeasures. [USQ Project]

Diffin, Luke (2015) Own identification of contributing factors for the success of toll roads in Australia under Public Private Partnerships. [USQ Project]

Robinson, Adam (2015) A study into the behaviour of FRP bolted connections. [USQ Project]

Salonen, Marcus (2015) Prediction of timber bridge girder strength and stiffness using stress wave analysis. [USQ Project]

Purvis, Alan (2015) An investigative study of road construction contract variations. [USQ Project]

Porter, Simon (2015) Analysing geotechnical aspects of concrete pipe culverts. [USQ Project]

Butler, Michael (2015) Asset management framework for NSW local government. [USQ Project]

Robertson, Matthew (2015) Circular geopolymer concrete columns with composite rebars. [USQ Project]

Murdoch, Robert (2015) Creating a simplified model of the Alkali-Silica Reaction in concrete by utilising finite element modelling techniques. [USQ Project]

Olsen, Campbell (2015) Development and execution of asset criticality framework: a study of water and wastewater infrastructure at Toowoomba Regional Council. [USQ Project]

Timms, Ashlii (2015) Effects of elevated temperature and simulated environmental conditions on the properties of epoxy based polymer resin. [USQ Project]

Davey, Wade (2015) Evaluating the effectiveness of Intelligent Transport Systems at reducing speeds through roadwork sites in Australia. [USQ Project]

Farrugia, Daniel (2015) Evaluation of signalised intersections in NSW with right turn filters. [USQ Project]

Maskall, Jonathon (2015) Exploration of evaporation mitigation measurement techniques. [USQ Project]

Roberton, Stirling (2015) Managing field moisture to reduce the soil compaction risk at cotton harvest. [USQ Project]

Koenig, Nathan (2015) Project Management Maturity in Local Government. [USQ Project]

Seeney, Luke (2015) Project performance measures for civil construction projects associated with different procurement strategies. [USQ Project]

Wilson, Ronald J (2015) Redefining the standard compaction test to better describe the usage of cotton picking machines on Australian vertosols. [USQ Project]

Alajmi, Rashed (2015) Study on sisal fibres as insulator in building materials. [USQ Project]

Flannery, Aiden Michael (2015) Thermally insulated structural sandwich panels for roofing applications. [USQ Project]

Li, Xuwei and Nemcik, Jan and Mirzaghorbanali, Ali ORCID: and Aziz, Naj and Rasekh, Haleh (2015) Analytical model of shear behaviour of a fully grouted cable bolt subjected to shearing. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 80. pp. 31-39. ISSN 1365-1609

Saxby, Ian Michael (2015) Regulating rescue package descent through controlled autorotation. [USQ Project]

Maranan, G. B. and Manalo, A. C. ORCID: and Karunasena, W. ORCID: and Benmokrane, B. and Lutze, D. (2014) Flexural behaviour of glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars subjected to elevated temperature. In: 23rd Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (ACMSM23), 9-12 Dec 2014, Byron Bay, Australia.

Sheridan, Liam (2014) Aquaplaning: an investigation of surface flow calculation. [USQ Project]

Seccombe, Kieran Robert (2014) Numerical modelling of mining subsidence. [USQ Project]

Dudman, Benjamin (2014) Aquaplaning assessment and mitigation in flat terrains. [USQ Project]

Liddell, Benjamin Steven (2014) Assessing the true cost of design variations – a designer’s perspective. [USQ Project]

Hesse, Gareth Grant (2014) Development of ductile and ultra-high performance engineered cementitious composite (ECC) with lightweight microsphere additive. [USQ Project]

Grigg, Andrew (2014) Mapping changes in landscape-scale patterns of vegetation in coal seam gas development areas. [USQ Project]

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Carey, Tyler (2014) The thermal performance of an earth sheltered shipping container. [USQ Project]

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