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United States of America as represented by Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, DC (2018) System for sorting fruit. .

Mayne, Caleb (2014) Reliability-centered maintenance analysis of a Rio Tinto iron ore locomotive engine. [USQ Project]

Rashmi, W. and Ismail, A. F. and Khalid, M. and Anuar, A. and Yusaf, T. (2014) Investigating corrosion effects and heat transfer enhancement in smaller size radiators using CNT-nanofluids. Journal of Materials Science, 49 (13). pp. 4544-4551. ISSN 0022-2461

Basson, Johan (2013) Analysis of the aerodynamic attributes of motor vehicles. [USQ Project]

Briskey, Kyle Gary (2013) Improving caravan design by modelling of airflow. [USQ Project]

Naji, Ahmed Adel (2013) A comparison of measured diesel emissions in agriculture and Australian National Standard Emission Factors. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Malpress, Ray and Buttsworth, David (2010) Assessment of an eccentric link in the connecting rod of a spark ignition engine intended for variable compression ratio operation. In: 6th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics (ACAM 6), 12-15 Dec 2010, Perth, Western Australia.

Malpress, Ray and Buttsworth, David (2010) Internal combustion engines: a role to fill for transport in an energy conscious environment. In: 2010 Southern Region Engineering Conference (SREC 2010), 11-12 Nov 2010, Toowoomba, Australia.

Parkin, Damion Ian Harcourt (2007) Design of a rear suspension configuration for a live axle race car to achieve optimum handling characteristics. [USQ Project]

Stewart, Robert (2007) Design of electro-hydraulic controlled poppet valves. [USQ Project]

Armstead, Jared Kenneth (2006) Chassis development for the formula SAE racer. [USQ Project]

Otto, Colin W. (2006) Development of a mobile vehicle classification system. [USQ Project]

Curtis, Benjamin Phillip (2006) Development of a noisy vehicle detection system. [USQ Project]

Smith, Barton James (2006) System design for formula SAE-A racecar. [USQ Project]

Wang, Xiaowei and Stone, C. Richard and Buttsworth, David R. and Stevens, Robert and Arita, Yoshi (2006) Finite element analysis of eroding type surface thermocouple with application to engine heat flux measurement. In: SAE 2006 World Conference and Exhibition (2006), April 2006, Detroit, MI, USA.

Thompson, Dean (2005) A four quadrant adjustable speed drive for series wound DC motors. [USQ Project]

Plank, Melinda (2005) Engine optimisation and performance characteristics for a formula SAE race car. [USQ Project]

Mauger, Travis William (2004) Selection of an engine and design of the fuelling system for a Formula SAE car. [USQ Project]

Rayner, Leslie (2004) Steering design for a formula SAE-A open wheel race car. [USQ Project]

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