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Anjang, A. and Chevali, V. S. ORCID: and Feih, S. and Mouritz, A. P. (2016) Deterioration of the fire structural resistance of sandwich composite under tension due to water absorption. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 87. pp. 263-270. ISSN 1359-835X

Dugdale, Paul Nicholas (2014) Arc flash protection of a low voltage motor control centre. [USQ Project]

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Thota, N. M. and Epaarachchi, J. A. and Lau, K. T. (2013) Effect of the foam embellishments on the pedestrian safety of the vehicle front protection systems. In: 3rd World Congress on Frontiers of Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive Engineering (WCFMAAE 2013), 2-3 Feb 2013, New Delhi, India.

Harrington, Daniel (2011) CSG water as a medium to grow marine microalgae for biofuel production. [USQ Project]

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Yusaf, Talal F. and Buttsworth, D. R. and Saleh, Khalid H. and Yousif, B. F. ORCID: (2010) CNG-diesel engine performance and exhaust emission analysis with the aid of artificial neural network. Applied Energy, 87 (5). pp. 1661-1669. ISSN 0306-2619

Yusaf, Talal and Said, Mior Azman and Hussein, Ibrahim (2010) Performance and emission investigation of a four-stroke liquefied petroleum gas spark-ignition engine generator used in a Malaysian night market. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, 224 (3). pp. 339-347. ISSN 0957-6509

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Yusaf, Talal and Najafi, G. and Buttsworth, David (2009) Theoretical and experimental investigation of SI engine performance and exhaust emissions using ethanol-gasoline blended fuels. In: 3rd International Conference on Energy and Environment (ICEE 2009): Advancement Towards Global Sustainability, 7-8 Dec 2009, Malacca, Malaysia.

Mohammed, H. and Yusaf, T. and Salman, Y. (2006) Experimental investigation of free convection heat transfer with entrance restriction placed at top of a vertical circular tube. In: 8th Biennial ASME Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis (ESDA 2006), 4-7 Jul 2006, Torino, Italy.

Mohammed, H. and Yusaf, T. (2006) Heat transfer by mixed convection opposing laminar flow from the inside surface of uniformly heated inclined circular tube. In: 8th Biennial ASME Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis (ESDA 2006), 4-7 Jul 2006, Torino, Italy.

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O'Neil, Anthony M. (2005) Chassis design for SAE racer. [USQ Project]

Moody, Bradley John (2005) Control and instrumentation for the USQ Formula SAE-A race car. [USQ Project]

Little, Jeremy (2004) Development of the drivetrain including brakes and wheels for the Formula SAE-A vehicle. [USQ Project]

Baker, Christopher Scott (2004) FoES Formula SAE-A space frame chassis design. [USQ Project]

Armstrong, John (2004) Formula SAE: design overview and project management. [USQ Project]

Rayner, Leslie (2004) Steering design for a formula SAE-A open wheel race car. [USQ Project]

Nelder, Ken (2004) The bodywork package for the USQ's Formula-SAE racer. [USQ Project]

Coker, Rick (2003) An investigation into the feasibility and application of fibre composites to flatbed semi-trailers. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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