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Ge, Lei ORCID: and Rabiee, Hesamoddin ORCID: and Li, Mengran and Subramanian, Siddhartha and Zheng, Yao and Lee, Joong Hee and Burdyny, Thomas and Wang, Hao (2022) Electrochemical CO2 reduction in membrane-electrode assemblies. Chem, 8 (3). pp. 663-692. ISSN 2451-9308

Rabiee, Hesamoddin ORCID: and Ge, Lei ORCID: and Zhang, Xueqin and Hu, Shihu and Li, Mengran and Smart, Simon and Zhu, Zhonghua and Yuan, Zhiguo (2021) Shape-tuned electrodeposition of bismuth-based nanosheets on flow-through hollow fiber gas diffusion electrode for high-efficiency CO2 reduction to formate. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 286:119945. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0926-3373

Li, Gaoming and Zhang, Ping and Huo, Siqi and Fu, Yingke and Chen, Lin and Wu, Yeping and Zhang, Yingyu and Chen, Mao and Zhao, Xiuli and Song, Pingan ORCID: (2021) Mechanically Strong, Thermally Healable, and Recyclable Epoxy Vitrimers Enabled by ZnAl-Layer Double Hydroxides. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 9 (6). pp. 2580-2590.

Jia, Weihua and Huang, Zhuonan and Sun, Wei and Wu, Le and Zheng, Lan and Wang, Yuqi and Huang, Jianbing and Yang, Xin and Lv, Ming and Ge, Lei ORCID: (2021) Flexible A-site doping La0.6-xMxSr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3 (M=Ca, Ba, Bi; x=0, 0.1, 0.2) as novel cathode material for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells: A first-principles study and experimental exploration. Journal of Power Sources, 490:229564. ISSN 0378-7753

Shi, Yongqian and Liu, Chuan and Duan, Zaipeng and Yu, Bin and Liu, Minghua and Song, Pingan ORCID: (2020) Interface engineering of MXene towards super-tough and strong polymer nanocomposites with high ductility and excellent fire safety. Chemical Engineering Journal, 399:125829. pp. 1-14. ISSN 1385-8947

Pan, Yangli and Xu, Xiaomin and Zhong, Yijun and Ge, Lei ORCID: and Chen, Yubo and Veder, Jean-Pierre Marcel and Guan, Daqin and O’Hayre, Ryan and Li, Mengran and Wang, Guoxiong and Wang, Hao and Zhou, Wei and Shao, Zongping (2020) Direct evidence of boosted oxygen evolution over perovskite by enhanced lattice oxygen participation. Nature Communications, 11:2002. pp. 1-10. ISSN 2041-1723

Jiang, Zongrui and Ge, Lei ORCID: and Zhuang, Linzhou and Li, Mengran and Wang, Zhanke and Zhu, Zhonghua (2019) Fine-Tuning the Coordinatively Unsaturated Metal Sites of Metal−Organic Frameworks by Plasma Engraving for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11 (47). pp. 44300-44307. ISSN 1944-8244

Ge, Lei ORCID: and Soares, Fabio Terzini and Mahoney, Shilo and Hamilton, Christopher and Khan, Chawarwan and Steel, Karen and Rufford, Thomas E. and Rudolph, Victor (2019) Effect of oxidation and silane surface treatments of coal powders on relative permeability in packed coal beds. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 69 (102931). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1875-5100

Zhou, Wenfeng and Zhuang, Wei and Ge, Lei ORCID: and Wang, Zhenfu and Wu, Jinglan and Niu, Huanqing and Liu, Dong and Zhu, Chenjie and Chen, Yong and Ying, Hanjie (2019) Surface functionalization of graphene oxide by amino acids for Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase adsorption. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 546. pp. 211-220. ISSN 0021-9797

Gao, Shuai and Ge, Lei ORCID: and Villacorta, Byron S. and Rufford, Thomas E. and Zhu, Zhonghua (2019) Carbon monoliths by assembling carbon spheres for gas adsorption. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 58 (12). pp. 4957-4969. ISSN 0888-5885

Wang, Zhanke and Ge, Lei ORCID: and Li, Mengran and Lin, Rijia and Wang, Hao and Zhu, Zhonghua (2019) Orientated growth of copper-based MOF for acetylene storage. Chemical Engineering Journal, 357. pp. 320-327. ISSN 1385-8947

Li, Yue and Jin, Cailan and Peng, Yuelian and An, Quanfu and Chen, Zhengping and Zhang, Jiacheng and Ge, Lei ORCID: and Wang, Shaobin (2019) Fabrication of PVDF hollow fiber membranes via integrated phase separation for membrane distillation. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 95. pp. 487-494. ISSN 1876-1070

Qiu, Haoran and Peng, Yuelian and Ge, Lei ORCID: and Villacorta Hernandez, Byron and Zhu, Zhonghua (2018) Enhanced anti-fouling property in membrane distillation by pore channel surface modification. Applied Surface Science, 443. pp. 217-226. ISSN 0169-4332

Ge, Lei ORCID: and Hamilton, Christopher and Febrina, Rahman Tasha and Rudolph, Victor and Rufford, Thomas E. (2018) A phase inversion polymer coating to prevent swelling and spalling of clay fines in coal seam gas wells. International Journal of Coal Science and Technology, 5 (2). pp. 179-190. ISSN 2095-8293

Lin, Rijia and Villacorta Hernandez, Byron and Ge, Lei ORCID: and Zhu, Zhonghua (2018) Metal organic frameworks based mixed matrix membrane: An overview on filler/polymer interface. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6 (2). pp. 293-312. ISSN 2050-7488

Xia, Wen and He, Dongning and Fu, Yun-fei and Wei, Xiao-yi and Liu, Hong-chao and Ye, Jiang-ping and Liu, Yun-fei and Li, Ji-hua (2017) Advanced technology for nanostarches preparation by high speed jet and its mechanism analysis. Carbohydrate Polymers, 176. pp. 127-134. ISSN 0144-8617

Yu, Youming and Hou, Junfeng and Dong, Zhiqiang and Wang, Cong and Lu, Fengzhu and Song, Pingan ORCID: (2016) Evaluating the flammability performance of Portland cement-bonded particleboards with different cement-wood ratios using a cone calorimeter. Journal of Fire Sciences, 34 (3). pp. 199-211. ISSN 0734-9041

Gong, Wei and He, Dongning and Tao, Jinlong and Zhao, Pengfei and Kong, Lingxue and Luo, Yongyue and Peng, Zheng and Wang, Hao (2015) Formation of defects in the graphite oxidization process: a positron study. RSC Advances, 5 (108). pp. 88908-88914.

Yuan, Xiang and Tang, Lei and Liu, Shanshan and Wang, Peng and Chen, Zhigang ORCID: and Zhang, Cheng and Liu, Yanwen and Wang, Weiyi and Zou, Yichao and Liu, Cong and Guo, Nan and Zou, Jin and Zhou, Peng and Hu, Weida and Xiu, Faxian (2015) Arrayed van der waals vertical heterostructures based on 2D GaSe grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Nano Letters, 15 (5). pp. 3571-3577. ISSN 1530-6984

Abbaszadeh, A. and Ghobadian, B. and Najafi, G. and Yusaf, T. (2014) An experimental investigation of the effective parameters on wet washing of biodiesel purification. International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, 9 (1). pp. 1525-1537. ISSN 2229-8649

Zhang, Zuhua and Wang, Hao and Provis, John L. and Reid, Andrew (2013) Efflorescence: a critical challenge for geopolymer applications? In: Concrete Institute of Australia's Biennial National Conference (Concrete 2013): Understanding Concrete, 16-18 Oct 2013, Gold Coast, Australia.

Wu, Qiang and Fu, Shenyuan and Han, Jin and Song, Pingan ORCID: (2013) Nonisothermal crystallization behavior of polypropylene-C60 nanocomposites. Journal of Macromolecular Science Part B: Physics, 52 (11). pp. 1591-1602. ISSN 0022-2348

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Kabir, Mohammad Mazedul (2012) Effects of chemical treatments on hemp fibre reinforced polyester composites. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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Cao, Zhenhu and Zhang, Yan and Song, Pingan ORCID: and Cai, Yuanzheng and Guo, Qi and Fang, Zhengping and Peng, Mao (2011) A novel zinc chelate complex containing both phosphorus and nitrogen for improving the flame retardancy of low density polyethylene. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 92 (2). pp. 339-346. ISSN 0165-2370

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Cui, Weigang and Wang, Xin and Li, Wenbin and Xu, Weilin (2009) Dynamic analysis on the thermal and electrical properties of fabrics in the process of moisture absorption and liberation. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 21 (5). pp. 279-285. ISSN 0955-6222

Wang, Hao and Davidson, C. J. and StJohn, David H. (2004) Semisolid microstructural evolution of AlSi7Mg during partial remelting. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructures and Processing , 368 (1-2). pp. 159-167. ISSN 0921-5093

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