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Munawar, Hafiz Suliman and Inam, Hina and Ullah, Fahim ORCID: and Qayyum, Siddra and Kouzani, Abbas Z. and Mahmud, M. A. Parvez (2021) Towards smart healthcare: UAV-based optimized path planning for delivering COVID-19 self-testing kits using cutting edge technologies. Sustainability, 13 (18):10426. pp. 1-21.

Maqsoom, Ahsen and Aslam, Bilal and Gul, Muhammad Ehtisham and Ullah, Fahim ORCID: and Kouzani, Abbas Z. and Mahmud, M. A. Parvez and Nawaz, Adnan (2021) Using multivariate regression and ANN models to predict properties of concrete cured under hot weather: a case of Rawalpindi Pakistan. Sustainability, 13:10164. pp. 1-28.

Munawar, Hafiz Suliman and Ullah, Fahim ORCID: and Qayyum, Siddra and Khan, Sara Imran and Mojtahedi, Mohammad (2021) UAVs in disaster management: application of integrated aerial Imagery and convolutional neural network for flood detection. Sustainability, 13 (14):7547. pp. 1-22.

Ullah, Fahim ORCID: and Al-Turjman, Fadi (2021) A conceptual framework for blockchain smart contract adoption to manage real estate deals in smart cities. Neural Computing and Applications. pp. 1-22. ISSN 0941-0643

Qadir, Zakria and Ullah, Fahim ORCID: and Munawar, Hafiz Suliman and Al-Turjman, Fadi (2021) Addressing disasters in smart cities through UAVs path planning and 5G communications: A systematic review. Computer Communications, 168. pp. 114-135. ISSN 0140-3664

Ullah, Fahim ORCID: and Sepasgozar, Samad and Tahmasebinia, Faham and Sepasgozar, Saleh Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh and Davis, Steven (2020) Examining the impact of students’ attendance, sketching, visualization, and tutors experience on students’ performance: a case of building structures course in construction management. Construction Economics and Building, 20 (3). pp. 78-102. ISSN 2204-9029

Munawar, Hafiz Suliman and Qayyum, Siddra and Ullah, Fahim ORCID: and Sepasgozar, Samad (2020) Big Data and Its Applications in Smart Real Estate and the Disaster Management Life Cycle: A Systematic Analysis. Big Data and Cognitive Computing, 4 (2):4. pp. 1-53. ISSN 2504-2289

Ullah, Fahim ORCID: and Thaheem, Muhammad Jamaluddin and Sepasgozar, Samad M. E. and Forcada, Nuria (2018) System dynamics model to determine concession period of PPP infrastructure projects: overarching effects of critical success factors. Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction, 10 (4):04518022. ISSN 1943-4162

Hasnain, Muhammad and Thaheem, Muhammad Jamaluddin and Ullah, Fahim ORCID: (2018) Best Value Contractor Selection in Road Construction Projects: ANP-Based Decision Support System. International Journal of Civil Engineering, 16 (6). pp. 695-714. ISSN 1735-0522

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