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Huth, Lauren and Ash, Gavin J. and Idnurm, Alexander and Kiss, Levente ORCID: and Vaghefi, Niloofar ORCID: (2021) The 'Bipartite' Structure of the First Genome of Ampelomyces quisqualis, a Common Hyperparasite and Biocontrol Agent of Powdery Mildews, May Point to Its Evolutionary Origin from Plant Pathogenic Fungi. Genome Biology and Evolution, 13 (8). pp. 1-7.

Sharma, Rudrakshi (2021) Characterization of virulence in Pyrenophora teres f. maculata. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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Tanner, Robert A. and Ellison, Carol A. and Seier, Marion K. and Kovacs, Gabor M. and Kassai-Jager, Edit and Bereczky, Zsolt and Varia, Sonal and Djeddour, Djami and Singh, Mool Chand and Csiszar, Agnes and Csontos, Péter and Kiss, Levente ORCID: and Evans, Harry C. (2014) Puccinia komarovii var. glanduliferae var. nov.: a fungal agent for the biological control of Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera). European Journal of Plant Pathology, 141 (2). pp. 247-266. ISSN 0929-1873

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Petrisko, J. E. and Knight, N. and Sutherland, M. W. (2010) Progress in comparing fusarium pseudograminearum infection levels and crown rot symptoms in stem internodes of cereals. In: 6th Australasian Soilborne Diseases Symposium (ASDS 2010), 9-11 Aug 2010, Twin Waters, Australia.

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Hazell, Stuart L. (2002) Genomics and drug discovery. Microbiology Australia, 23 (5). pp. 17-18. ISSN 1324-4272

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