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Kennedy, Luke and Kennedy, Luke and Sholtez, Mark (2015) Skin & Scars. [A Music collection]

Sholtez, Mark and Sholtez, Mark and Sholtez, Mark and Woodward, Bruce (2015) The Edge of the Known World. [A Music collection]

James, Harmony and James, Harmony and Sholtez, Mark (2015) Whatcha Gonna Do About Me. [A Music collection]

McNeill, Rhoderick UNSPECIFIED, ed. (2014) The Australian symphony from Federation to 1960. Ashgate Publishing , Farnham, Surrey. England . ISBN 978-1-4094-4124-3

Forbes, Melissa and Woodward, Bruce and Scholtes, Mark (2013) Oh Joni. [A Music collection]

Riddle, Stewart and Acutt, John (2013) The Russian Lieutenant. [A Music collection]

McNeill, Rhoderick J. (2013) Two Australian symphonies in one movement: Horace Perkins's Elegiac symphony and Felix Gethen's symphony in E flat. Context: Journal of Music Research (38). pp. 11-22. ISSN 1038-4006

Sholtez, Mark (2013) Who I Am. [A Music collection]

McNeill, Rhoderick (2012) Marshall-Hall's symphony in E flat and its symphonic context. In: Marshall-Hall's Melbourne: music, art and controversy 1891-1915. Australian Scholarly Publishing , Melbourne, Australia , pp. 150-163. ISBN 978-1-921875-50-2

Scholtes, Mark (2012) Dark in my imagination. [A Music collection]

Gearing, Phillip (2012) A Piano Spectacular. [A Music collection]

McNeill, Rhoderick J (2010) Eight Arrangements of Batak and Indonesian Hymns for SATB Choir. [A Music collection]

Sholtez, Mark (2010) The Distance Between Two Truths. [A Music collection]

McNeill, Rhoderick J. (2010) A symphony for Australia: the 1951 commonwealth jubilee composers' competition. Quadrant, 54 (1-2). pp. 86-91. ISSN 0033-5002

Bauer, Russell (2010) Houdini - the Man from Beyond. [A Theatre collection]

McNeill, Rhoderick J. (2010) Messiaen's Turangaliila symphonie and its place within the symphonic genre of the first half of the twentieth century. In: Olivier Messiaen: the centenary papers. Cambridge Scholars Publishing , Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom , pp. 193-204. ISBN 1-4438-2498-4

Lorenz, Andrew B. (2010) The Australian violin concerto. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Scholtes, Mark (2009) Too Late For Heroes. [A Music collection]

Sholtez, Mark (2009) Won't Let The Sun (Go Down On This Love). [A Music collection]

McNeill, Rhoderick J. (2009) Clive Douglas and the search for the Australian symphony. In: Legacies, Feb 2009, Toowoomba, Australia.

Willems, Christiaan H. (2007) Music mime & metamorphosis: interdisciplinary intersections, interactions and influences between music, mime and corporate communication. Doctoral project 1 (of 3): Blind collaboration. Other thesis, Queensland University of Technology (QUT). (Unpublished)

Crispin, Judith M. UNSPECIFIED, ed. (2007) The esoteric musical tradition of Ferrucco Busoni and its reinvigoration in the music of Larry Sitsky: the operas Doktor Faust and The Golem. Edwin Mellen Press , New York, USA . ISBN 978-0-7734-5407-1

McNeill, Rhoderick (2005) A musical response to Buna, December 1942 - Horace Perkins' Elegiac symphony (1952). In: War and Conflict (marking the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II), 12-13 Aug 2005, Toowoomba, Australia.

McNeill, Rhoderick (2004) John Antill's Symphony on a City (1959) and its place within the Australian symphonic repertory of the 1950s. In: Symposium of the International Musicological Society (SIMS 2004), 12-17 Jul 2004, Melbourne, Australia.

McNeill, Rhoderick J. (2004) The Australian symphony of the 1950s: a preliminary survey. In: USQ Toowoomba and Postgraduate Research Forum, March 2004 and August 2004, Toowoomba and Brisbane, Australia.

Crispin, Judith M. (2002) Pierre Boulez. In: Music of the twentieth-century avant-garde: a biocritical sourcebook. Greenwood Press , Westport, Conn., USA , pp. 77-84. ISBN 0-313-29689-8

McNeill, Rhoderick J. UNSPECIFIED, ed. (1998) History of music 1: music beginning since ancient Greek period until the end of the baroque period: year 0-1760. PT BPK Gunung Mulia , Jakarta, Indonesia . ISBN 979-415-569-1

McNeill, Rhoderick J. UNSPECIFIED, ed. (1998) Sejarah Musik Jilid 2: Musik 1760 Sampai Dengan Akhir Abad ke-20. PT BPK Gunung Mulia , Jakarta, Indonesia . ISBN 979-415-603-5

Pingel, Kathy (1997) The intermediate and advanced piano music of Dmitry Kabalevsky: pedagogical implications. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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