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Gyawali, Prajwal ORCID: and Lillicrap, Thomas Patrick and Tomari, Shinya and Bivard, Andrew and Holliday, Elizabeth and Parsons, Mark and Levi, Christopher and Garcia-Esperon, Carlos and Spratt, Neil (2022) Whole blood viscosity is associated with baseline cerebral perfusion in acute ischemic stroke. Neurological Sciences, 43 (4). pp. 2375-2381. ISSN 1590-1874

Lee, Natasha Ting and Ong, Lin Kooi ORCID: and Gyawali, Prajwal ORCID: and Nassir, Che Mohd Nasril Che Mohd and Mustapha, Muzaimi and Nandurkar, Harshal H. and Sashindranath, Maithili (2021) Role of purinergic signalling in endothelial dysfunction and thrombo-inflammation in ischaemic stroke and cerebral small vessel disease. Biomolecules, 11 (7):994.

Mackie, Paul and Crowfoot, Gary and Gyawali, Prajwal ORCID: and Janssen, Heidi and Holliday, Elizabeth and Dunstan, David and English, Coralie (2021) Acute Effects of Frequent Light-Intensity Standing-Based Exercises That Interrupt 8 Hours of Prolonged Sitting on Postprandial Glucose in Stroke Survivors: A Dose-Escalation Trial. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 18 (6). pp. 644-652. ISSN 1543-5474

Chow, Wei Zhen and Ong, Lin Kooi ORCID: and Kluge, Murielle G. and Gyawali, Prajwal ORCID: and Walker, Frederick R. and Nilsson, Michael (2020) Similar cognitive deficits in mice and humans in the chronic phase post-stroke identified using the touchscreen-based paired-associate learning task. Scientific Reports, 10:19545.

Lillicrap, Thomas and Keragala, Charithani B. and Draxler, Dominik F. and Chan, Jilly and Ho, Heidi and Harman, Stevi and Niego, Be’eri and Holliday, Elizabeth and Levi, Christopher R. and Garcia-Esperon, Carlos and Spratt, Neil and Gyawali, Prajwal ORCID: and Bivard, Andrew and Parsons, Mark W. and Montaner, Joan and Bustamante, Alejandro and Cadenas, Israel Fernandez and Cloud, Geoffrey and Maguire, Jane M. and Lincz, Lisa and Kleinig, Timothy and Attia, John and Koblar, Simon and Hamilton-Bruce, Monica Anne and Choi, Philip and Worrall, Bradford B. and Medcalf, Robert L. (2020) Plasmin Generation Potential and Recanalization in Acute Ischaemic Stroke; an Observational Cohort Study of Stroke Biobank Samples. Frontiers in Neurology, 11:589628. pp. 1-4. ISSN 1664-2295

Gyawali, Prajwal ORCID: and Hinwood, Madeleine and Chow, Wei Zhen and Kluge, Murielle and Ong, Lin Kooi ORCID: and Nilsson, Michael and Walker, Frederick Rohan (2020) Exploring the relationship between fatigue and circulating levels of the pro-inflammatory biomarkers interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein in the chronic stage of stroke recovery: a cross-sectional study. Brain, Behavior, & Immunity- Health, 9:100157.

Gyawali, Prajwal ORCID: and Chow, Wei Zhen and Hinwood, Madeleine and Kluge, Murielle and English, Coralie and Ong, Lin Kooi ORCID: and Nilsson, Michael and Walker, Frederick Rohan (2020) Opposing associations of stress and resilience with functional outcomes in stroke survivors in the chronic phase of stroke: A cross-sectional study. Frontiers in Neurology, 11:230.

Hinwood, Madeleine and Ilicic, Marina and Gyawali, Prajwal ORCID: and Kluge, Murielle Gabriela and Coupland, Kirsten and Smith, Angela and Nilsson, Michael and Walker, Frederick Rohan (2020) Exploration of stress management interventions to address psychological stress in stroke survivors: A protocol for a scoping review. BMJ Open, 10 (3):e035592.

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Cheung, Ning and Mosley, Thomas and Islam, Amirul and Kawasaki, Ryo and Sharrett, A. Richey and Klein, Ronald and Coker, Laura H. and Knopman, David S. and Shibata, Dean K. and Catellier, Diane and Wong, Tien Y. (2010) Retinal microvascular abnormalities and subclinical magnetic resonance imaging brain infarct: a prospective study. Brain: a Journal of Neurology , 133 (7). pp. 1987-1993. ISSN 0006-8950

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Xiao, Xiao-Hui and Woolf, Peter and Watson, Michael and Lu, Sai and Hoey, Andrew (2004) Alterations in cardiac dihydropyridine receptors and calcium channel function in MDX mice. In: ISHR 2004: 18th World Congress of the International Society for Heart Research, 7-11 Aug 2004, Brisbane, Australia.

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