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Sussanna, Vittorio and Janssen, Volker and Gibbings, Peter (2014) Absolute performance of AUSGeoid09 in mountainous regions. Journal of Applied Geodesy, 8 (3). pp. 195-204. ISSN 1862-9016

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Slack–Smith, David (2010) Structural design, quotation and production support using parametric CAD tools and national/international standards for fluid storage systems. [USQ Project]

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Maxwell, Andrew (2006) HCL [Trademark]. .

Fletcher, Duncan and Wilson, Shaun and Jokic, Michael D. and Vuletich, Ivan (2006) Guided weapon danger area generation: implementing a probabilistic approach. In: 24th AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference and Exhibit, 21-24 Aug 2006 , Keystone, CO, USA.

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