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Mahmood, Raid Ahmed (2020) CFD Assessment and Experimental Investigation of the Liquid Separation Efficiency Enhancements in a Vertical Gravity Separator. International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration. ISSN 2010-1325

Mahmood, Raid Ahmed (2020) Case study of liquid suction heat exchanger in a mechanical refrigeration system using alternative refrigerants. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 9 (3):30777. pp. 644-649. ISSN 2227-5258

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Al-Ogaili, Khaleel Saleem Jebur (2019) Optical and thermal optimisation of parabolic trough solar collectors for heating applications via a novel receiver tube. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Kakei, Ayad Arab Ghaidan (2019) Prediction of delamination in glass fibre reinforced composite materials using elasto-plastic modelling. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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Davoodian, Daniel (2017) An Australian case study in identifying perceived barriers to innovation and technology transfer among drilling assets in CSG infrastructures. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Alsafi, Mohamed (2017) Constant Rate of Momentum Change Ejector: simulation, experiments and flow visualisation. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Molloy, Aron (2016) Improving project delivery: through the application of project management techniques. [USQ Project]

Fell, Bradley (2016) Design of a portable bushfire attenuation fence. [USQ Project]

Alajmi, Abdalrahman R. E. S. (2016) Theoretical study of the effect of fibre orientations and porosity on heat conductivity of reinforced polymer composites. [USQ Project]

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Ariafar, Kavous (2016) Simulation and measurement of condensation and mixing effects in steam ejectors. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Malpress, Ray (2016) Variable length connecting rod. .

Alajmi, Faisal (2015) Study on tribological performance of mild steel under canola bio-lubricant conditions. [USQ Project]

Kubler, Kristy A C (2015) Optimisation of off-highway truck fuel consumption through mine haul road design. [USQ Project]

McQuade, Samuel R (2015) Recyclable disposable helmet design. [USQ Project]

Kerr, James (2015) Dynamic response testing method of damage detection in fibre composite structures. [USQ Project]

Triaca, Bryan F (2015) Disposable stormwater sampling device for water quality hazard detection. [USQ Project]

Sadanala, Swapan (2015) Failure analysis of total hip replacement and the feasibility of fibre composites as an alternative material. [USQ Project]

Anderson, Oliver Josh (2015) Feasibility assessment of low cost stereo computer vision in clay target shooting coaching. [USQ Project]

Wall, Rhyan (2015) Improved cooling system for USQ's small scale icing wind tunnel. [USQ Project]

Vever, Thierry-Jacques Patrick (2015) Insulated container testing & rating system development. [USQ Project]

Pike, Samuel (2015) Investigation into the delamination of composite laminates on aircraft rudders due to fluid ingress and icing. [USQ Project]

Cooper, David (2015) Sensor platform for monitoring conveyor belt rollers. [USQ Project]

Richardson, Kieran (2015) System design of a hydrogen induction system as a retrofit item compatible with existing internal combustion engines. [USQ Project]

Mohammed, Rafiqul Islam (2015) Finite element analysis of fillet welded joint. [USQ Project]

Sharifian, Ahmad and Tangalajuk Siang, Jeri (2015) Impacts of room temperature on the performance of a portable propane air conditioner. International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration, 23 (2). pp. 1550015-1. ISSN 2010-1325

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Altamar, Rashed (2014) Fracture behaviour of fibre/polymer composites based on synthetic and natural fibres. [USQ Project]

Windebank, Mark (2014) Locomotive cooling system strategy optimisation. [USQ Project]

Alqahtani, Rafi Ali (2014) Flexural properties of sisal fibre/epoxy Composites. [USQ Project]

Dray, Kevin (2014) Optical access engine development. [USQ Project]

Mayne, Caleb (2014) Reliability-centered maintenance analysis of a Rio Tinto iron ore locomotive engine. [USQ Project]

Taylor, Patrick (2014) Supercritical CO2 geothermal energy system analysis. [USQ Project]

Fairbanks-Smith, Michael S. (2014) Use of fibre-optic (FBG) sensors in the structural health monitoring of a battlefield helicopter rotor blade. [USQ Project]

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Thota, Narasimha (2014) Development and validation of a mechanical thorax surrogate for the evaluation of the blunt trauma due to ballistic impacts. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Al-Saeed, Talal S. (2014) Machinability of natural fibre reinforced polymeric composites. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Briskey, Kyle Gary (2013) Improving caravan design by modelling of airflow. [USQ Project]

Keller, Jason (2013) Optimisation of the spoked bicycle wheel. [USQ Project]

Sutcliffe, John William (2013) Urban wind turbine characterization system. [USQ Project]

Aston University, United Kingdom (2013) Drilling apparatus and methods. .

Al-Doori, Ghassan Fadil Lattif (2013) Investigation of refrigeration system steam ejector performance through experiments and computational simulations. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Naji, Ahmed Adel (2013) A comparison of measured diesel emissions in agriculture and Australian National Standard Emission Factors. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

An-Vo, Duc-Anh ORCID: (2013) C2-Element radial basis function methods for some continuum mechanics problems. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Trethewey, M. (2013) Measuring strain using microwave energy. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Z. Assadi, Masoud and Du, Xinli and Dalton, James and Henshaw, Scott and Coulson, Chris J. and Reid, Andrew. P. and Proops, David W. and Brett, Peter N. (2013) Comparison on intracochlear disturbances between drilling a manual and robotic cochleostomy. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 227 (9). pp. 1002-1008. ISSN 0954-4119

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Yusaf, T. F. and Al-lwayzy, Saddam H. (2012) The use of microalgae biodiesel in diesel engine: production, extraction and engine performance. In: USQ Combustion Meeting, 21 Nov 2012, Toowoomba, Australia.

Al-lwayzy, Saddam H. (2012) Alternative fuels from microalgae for diesel engine. In: USQ Combustion Meeting, 10 Oct 2012, Toowoomba, Australia.

Bates, Matthew (2012) The selection of inegrated and sustainable waste processing techniques for application within Indonesia. [USQ Project]

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Case, Jiel (2011) Initial design of a high-performance and cost-effective mountain bike. [USQ Project]

Craig, Aston J. (2011) Investigation into a fleet bearing monitoring system. [USQ Project]

Farrington, Jock (2011) Redesign of an FSAE race car’s steering and suspension system. [USQ Project]

Rackemann, Benjamin (2011) The analysis and redesign of the spraycam sprayer to incorporate fibre composite pultrusions. [USQ Project]

Yusaf, Talal (2011) Mechanical treatment of microorganisms using ultrasound, shock and shear technology. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

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Smith, B. (2010) A biomechanical analysis for improved ergonomics in metal detector products using trajectory optimisation. [USQ Project]

Philips, Cameron Charles MacGregor (2010) Gladstone Power Station demineralised water plant asset strategy development. [USQ Project]

Nawratzki, Guy (2010) Suspension development for a short circuit racing car. [USQ Project]

Salomon, Jake (2010) The design and construction of an exercise device for use in physiotherapy of the arm. [USQ Project]

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Padda, Ranjit Singh (2008) Air flow through two layered mesh at varying porosity and spacing. [USQ Project]

Cleary, Edward Thomas (2008) Pulsed liquid jet for rock breaking. [USQ Project]

Yavu, Isei Ledua (2008) Fracture toughness of phenolic resins composite by using saw dust as filler of percentage by weight. [USQ Project]

Cecil, Travis (2008) Investigate the best percentage by weight of glass powder, as fillers in phenolic resins using tensile tests. [USQ Project]

Nixon, Robert Jeffrey (2008) Investigation of the best percentage, by weight, of glass powder as filler in phenolic resin using three point bending test. [USQ Project]

Lamari, Alfio Concetto (2008) Rolling stock bearing condition monitoring systems. [USQ Project]

Prasser, Nathan (2008) The development of a computer based system for the rehabilitation of arm movements of stroke patients. [USQ Project]

Carden, Scott Benjamin (2008) The development of an antigravity arm to assist in the rehabilitation of stroke patients. [USQ Project]

Kenna, Brian (2008) Water metering and revenue protection. [USQ Project]

Wai-Ming, Yeung (2008) Confirmation program of safety inspection of lift components (CPSI). [USQ Project]

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Stewart, Robert (2007) Design of electro-hydraulic controlled poppet valves. [USQ Project]

Jones, Bruce Thomas (2007) Dragline maintenance engineering. [USQ Project]

Gustafson, Adrian Mark (2007) Investigation of a new generation degradable implant material. [USQ Project]

Booshand, Peter John (2007) Literature review of advanced research and innovation in the mining industry. [USQ Project]

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El Komy, Ahmed (2007) Millmerran Power Station ROM coal blockage removal system. [USQ Project]

Lefhoko, Mmitsi (2007) Power station operations Millmerran power station feed water dissolved oxygen control. [USQ Project]

Sullivan, Steven Michael (2007) Research, design and develop a pipe latching/unlatching device that can be used to help automate the pipe tripping process. [USQ Project]

Lee, Wai Hung (2007) Shrinkage reduction of thermoset matrix particulate reinforced composites during hardening using low power microwave. [USQ Project]

Hansen, Luke (2007) The use of waste cooking oil as an alternative fuel for the diesel engine. [USQ Project]

Davidson, Thomas Peter George (2007) Using tensile tests as benchmark, investigate the best percentage by weight of slg, as fillers, in Phenolic resins post-cured by microwaves. [USQ Project]

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