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Shams Bidhendi, Saba and Goh, Steven ORCID: and Wandel, Andrew ORCID: (2019) Development of a weighted leanness measurement method in modular construction companies. Journal of Industrial Engineering International, 15 (4). pp. 603-625. ISSN 1735-5702

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Shelley, Tristan J, ORCID: and Dickinson, Calum P. M. and Tew, Hannah and Scaife, Richard J. (2018) A study on rapid forming of aerospace stiffeners. In: SAMPE Europe - Conference Southamphon 2018, 11-13 Sept 2018, Southampton, United Kingdom.

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Schubel, P., Zeng, X., Shelley, T., & Alajarmeh, O. (2019). CRC-P Next Generation Pultrusion Processes. [Collection Record (Dataset)].

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