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Alam, Md Jahangir ORCID: and Dutta, Dushmanta (2021) Modelling of Nutrient Pollution Dynamics in River Basins: A Review with a Perspective of a Distributed Modelling Approach. Geosciences, 11 (9):369. pp. 1-16.

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Makireddi, Surya (2014) Groundwater recharge prediction for broadscale irrigation modelling: a case study in MIA-Main Canal irrigated areas. [USQ Project]

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Coe, Daniel (2010) Asset management for Tamworth Regional Council’s sewer network. [USQ Project]

Cameron, Kirsty (2010) Technical feasibility of a salinity trading scheme for the licensing of coal mine discharges in the Fitzroy Basin. [USQ Project]

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