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Dau, Van Thanh and Dinh, Thien Xuan and Bui, Tung Thanh and Tran, Canh-Dung and Phan, Hoa Thanh and Terebessy, Tibor (2016) Corona based air-flow using parallel discharge electrodes. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 79. pp. 52-56. ISSN 0894-1777

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Al-Juboori, Raed A. and Yusaf, Talal and Aravinthan, Vasantha and Bowtell, Leslie (2016) Tracking ultrasonically structural changes of natural aquatic organic carbon: chemical fractionation and spectroscopic approaches. Chemosphere, 145. pp. 231-248. ISSN 0045-6535

Barua, Suchi and Das, Narottam and Nordholm, Sven and Razaghi, Mohammad (2016) Comparison of pulse propagation and gain saturation characteristics among different input pulse shapes in semiconductor optical amplifiers. Optics Communications, 359. pp. 73-78. ISSN 0030-4018

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Haidar, Ahmed M. A. and Muttaqi, Kashem M. (2016) Behavioral characterization of electric vehicle charging loads in a distribution power grid through modeling of battery chargers. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 52 (1). pp. 483-492. ISSN 0093-9994

Al-Juboori, Raed A. and Aravinthan, Vasantha and Yusaf, Talal and Bowtell, Leslie (2016) Assessing the application and downstream effects of pulsed mode ultrasound as a pre-treatment for alum coagulation. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 31. pp. 7-19. ISSN 1350-4177

Coppock, James (2015) Development of a Raspberry Pi based, SDI-12 sensor environmental data logger. [USQ Project]

Santarossa, Matthew (2015) Energy Management & Automated Analytics. [USQ Project]

Snelgar, Daniel (2015) Implementing Industry Best Practice Alarm Management. [USQ Project]

Kaliyev, Vladislav (2015) Axial Flux Permanent Magnet coreless machine. [USQ Project]

Quinton, Matthew (2015) Controller Area Network to Modbus network bridge to interface gas detection units with Building Management Systems. [USQ Project]

Murphy, Ryan (2015) Dynamic conductor ratings: annealing properties of homogenous conductors across varying climatic conditions. [USQ Project]

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Masouleh, Farzaneh Fadakar and Das, Narottam and Rozati, Seyed Mohammad (2015) Optimal subwavelength design for efficient light trapping in central slit of plasmonics-based metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector. Optical and Quantum Electronics, 47 (6). pp. 1477-1485. ISSN 0306-8919

Barua, Suchi and Das, Narottam and Nordholm, Sven and Razaghi, Mohammad (2015) Analysis of nonlinear pulse propagation characteristics in semiconductor optical amplifier for different input pulse shapes. International Journal of Electrical, Computer, Electronics and Communication Engineering, 9 (1). pp. 16-20. ISSN 1307-6892

Shepherd, Nathan (2014) Optimisation of outside air pre-cooling via underground conductive heat transfer. [USQ Project]

Goold, Bradley (2014) An innovative intelligent system for child care & safety applications using ZigBee Wireless Sensing Networks. [USQ Project]

Napier, Luke W. P. (2014) Develop process bus architecture for integrating sampled value IEDs. [USQ Project]

Vadalma, Anthony (2014) Infant transport incubator cold performance. [USQ Project]

Pratt, Andrew (2014) Prevention of electrical accidents with safe personal protective bonding and earthing. [USQ Project]

Nagel, Gregory (2014) System dependant IDMT settings: direct buried underground cable. [USQ Project]

Edwards, D. (2014) Terrestrial laser scanning for 3D zone substation modelling and safety clearances. [USQ Project]

Light, Brenton (2014) Terrestrial laser scanning for building information modelling (BIM) development and application. [USQ Project]

Long, Hang and Xiang, Wei and Wang, Jing and Zhang, Yueying and Wang, Wenbo (2014) Cooperative jamming and power allocation with untrusty two-way relay nodes. IET Communications , 8 (13). pp. 2290-2297. ISSN 1751-8628

Parameswaran, Vinod and Zhang, Zhongwei and Zhou, Hong (2014) Numerical terrain modelling for wireless underground sensor networks: a protoype for nut tree plantations. In: 8th International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST 2014), 2-4 Sep 2014, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Qadir, Safeen and Kist, Alexander A. and Zhang, Zhongwei (2014) QoE-aware cross-layer architecture for video traffic over internet. In: 2014 IEEE Region 10 International Conference (TENCON 2014), 14-16 Apr 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Deo, Bharatendu (2014) All-electric LNG a viable alternative to conventional gas turbine driven LNG plant. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Habibpour, A. and Das, N. and Mashayekhi, H. R. (2014) Numerical modeling of the temporal response of back-gated metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector in an equilibrium condition. Iranian Journal of Science & Technology, 38 (4). pp. 441-444. ISSN 1028-6276

Maxwell, Andrew D. and Orwin, Lindy and Kist, Alexander A. and Maiti, Ananda and Midgley, Warren and Ting, Wu (2013) An inverted remote laboratory - makers and gamers. In: 24th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AaeE 2013): Work Integrated Learning - Applying Theory to Practice in Engineering Education, 8-11 Dec 2013, Gold Coast, Queensland.

Parameswaran, Vinod and Zhou, Hong and Zhang, Zhongwei (2013) Wireless underground sensor network design for irrigation control: simulation of RFID deployment. In: 7th International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST 2013), 3-5 Dec 2013, Wellington, New Zealand.

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Qadir, Safeen and Kist, Alexander A. (2013) Video-aware measurement-based admission control. In: Australasian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (ATNAC 2013), 20-22 Nov 2013, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Trevorrow, B. (2013) Investigation of digital audio manipulation methods. [USQ Project]

Ellis, S. (2013) Upgrade of datalogger system. [USQ Project]

Wang, Gengkun and Xiang, Wei and Wang, Yafeng (2013) Generalized compute-and-forward schemes for multi-hop two-way relay channels. In: IEEE 78th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC 2013 Fall): Connecting the Mobile World, 2-5 Sep 2013, Las Vegas, NV. United States.

Long, Hang and Xiang, Wei and Wang, Jing and Zhang, Yueying and Zhao, Hui and Wang, Wenbo (2013) Cooperative jamming and power allocation in two-way relaying system with eavesdropper. In: IEEE 78th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC 2013 Fall): Connecting the Mobile World, 2-5 Sep 2013, Las Vegas, NV. United States.

Huweg, Abdurrahman Feturi S. (2013) Modelling of electrokinetic phenomena in soils. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Wang, Gengkun and Xiang, Wei and Yuan, Jinhong (2012) Outage performance for compute-and-forward in generalized multi-way relay channels. IEEE Communications Letters, 16 (12). pp. 2099-2102. ISSN 1089-7798

Hockey, Josh (2011) Biometric analysis for remote examination system. [USQ Project]

Tan, Yian Yian (2011) Measuring with Bees II: in home power and water monitoring. [USQ Project]

McHugh, William (2011) Properties of nickel as a magnetostrictive material for ultrasonic conditions. [USQ Project]

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Wang, Gengkun and Xiang, Wei and Yuan, Jinhong and Huang, Tao (2011) Outage performance of analog network coding in generalized two-way multi-hop networks. In: IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC 2011) , 28-31 Mar 2011, Cancun, Mexico.

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Shahid, Salman and Wen, Peng and Ahfock, Tony and Leis, John (2011) Effects of head geometry and coil position on field distribution under transcranial magnetic stimulation. In: MECBME 2011: Connecting Professionals in Biomedical Sciences and Technology, 21-24 Feb 2011, Sharjah, UAE.

Goh, Steven C. and Wang, Hao, eds. (2010) Proceedings of the 2010 Southern Region Engineering Conference (SREC 2010). Engineers Australia, Toowoomba, Australia.

Slack–Smith, David (2010) Structural design, quotation and production support using parametric CAD tools and national/international standards for fluid storage systems. [USQ Project]

Brooks, Simon (2010) Development and testing of a networked PC power management tool. [USQ Project]

Wang, Gengkun and Xiang, Wei and Leis, John and Wang, Yafeng (2010) Design of a wireless portable vibration acquisition and analysis instrument. In: 2010 IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Information Security (WCNIS 2010), 25-27 Jun 2010, Beijing, China.

Ji, Xiaoyong and Li, Hui and Hui, David and Hsiao, Kuang-Ting and Ou, Jinping and Lau, Alan K. T. (2010) I-V characteristics and electro-mechanical response of different carbon black/epoxy composites. Composites Part B: Engineering, 41 (1). pp. 25-32. ISSN 1359-8368

Xiang, Wei and Clemence, Andrew and Leis, John and Wang, Yafeng (2009) Error resilience analysis of wireless image transmission using JPEG, JPEG 2000 and JPWL. In: 7th International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing (ICICS 2009) , 8-10 Dec 2009, Macau, China.

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Gambetta, D. and Ahfock, A. (2009) A new sensorless commutation technique for brushless DC motors. IET Electric Power Applications, 3 (1). pp. 40-49. ISSN 1751-8660

Mendis, Marina Shanil (2008) Functional observer for glucose regulation. [USQ Project]

Paech, Simon (2008) Human electromagnetic radiation exposure. [USQ Project]

Hancock, Nigel (2008) Method and apparatus for measuring electrical conductivity. AG01N2702FI .

Walker, Bryan Patrick (2007) Cost-effective 3D modelling. [USQ Project]

Bollaart, Clement (2007) OPC cycle time analyser. [USQ Project]

Mackenzie, Matthew Robert (2007) PID controller optimisation using genetic algorithms. [USQ Project]

Parsons, David (2007) The environmental impact of disposable versus re-chargeable batteries for consumer use. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 12 (3). pp. 197-203. ISSN 0948-3349

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Cobb, Benjamin Jon (2006) Directional microphone array for security applications. [USQ Project]

Mustafa, Muhammad Zaki Bin (2006) E-tutorials for electrical engineering courses using Dreamweaver. [USQ Project]

Gianoulis, Cosmas (2006) Investigate the use of thermal protection for underground cables in Ergon Engery's electricity network. [USQ Project]

Lee, Boon Chong (2006) Measuring moisture content of biofilter media using capacitance. [USQ Project]

Rae, Andrew Stewart (2006) Performance and stability analysis of an AC variable speed drive. [USQ Project]

Chan, Auc Fai (2006) The finite difference time domain method for computational electromagnetics. [USQ Project]

Bavarin, Rudolph Edouard (2006) 50 kW eddy current brake. [USQ Project]

McGuinness, Sean J. (2006) Evaluation of commercial EMF software. [USQ Project]

McCosker, Daniel Patrick (2006) Guidelines for the use of electronic survey field notes and CAD computation files as legal records. [USQ Project]

Lee, Chin Fung (2006) Quality review of unit technical logistic and maintenance processes. [USQ Project]

Parsons, David (2006) Analysing the environmental costs in electronics. Electroline.

Hancock, Nigel and Maxwell, Andrew (2006) HCL [Trademark]. IPAustralia, Canberra, Australia.

Woods, Andrew (2006) Development and characterisation of an anechoic chamber. [USQ Project]

Pilane, Tshepo Skuuman (2006) Recycling consumer electrical and electronic equipment. [USQ Project]

Worrall, Nofoaluma (2006) Analysis of providing affordable electricity supply for the outer islands in the Maldives. [USQ Project]

Fowler, Jason (2006) Cost effectiveness of suburban street lighting. [USQ Project]

Mohamed Ibrahim, Saifudin Bin (2005) The PID controller design using genetic algorithm. [USQ Project]

Kamali, Khalid (2005) Fractal video compression. [USQ Project]

Deith, Peter (2005) Instrumentation to track the southern elephant seal. [USQ Project]

Tan, Kevin Chin Ning (2005) Life cycle assessment of a mobile phone. [USQ Project]

Hikwama, Baipaki Pakson (2005) Life cycle assessment of a personal computer. [USQ Project]

Struthers, Craig (2005) Real-time monitoring and control of a pressure control system. [USQ Project]

Chong, Chuen Kiong Frederick (2005) Vehicle undercarriage scanning system. [USQ Project]

Farmer, Belinda (2005) Video compression using ITU-T recommendation H.264. [USQ Project]

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Wells, Colin G. (2005) Analysis of shielded rectangular dielectric rod waveguide using mode matching. [Thesis (PhD/Research)]

Clarke, Timothy Lewis (2004) An autonomous bird deterrent system. [USQ Project]

Zeimer, Ashley Karl (2004) The effect of DC current on power transformers. [USQ Project]

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