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Xiao, Xueliang and Long, Andrew and Qian, Kun and Zeng, Xuesen and Hua, Tao (2017) Through-thickness permeability of woven fabric under increasing air pressure: theoretical framework and simulation. Textile Research Journal, 87 (13). pp. 1631-1642. ISSN 0040-5175

McKenzie, Seren (2014) Development of a road safety plan for Scenic Rim Regional Council. [USQ Project]

Keys, Callum Kirby (2014) Mansell power lifter control circuitry redesign. [USQ Project]

Holzner, Katherine (2014) Rigid central safety barriers in constrained road environment. [USQ Project]

Franks, Chris (2014) Safety and efficiency benefits of implementing zip merge treatments in NSW. [USQ Project]

King, Bernie-Anne (2014) The effect of road roughness on traffic speed and road safety. [USQ Project]

Zeller, Mark Nicholas (2013) Reduced road lighting standards during times associated with low traffic volumes. [USQ Project]

Thota, N. M. and Epaarachchi, J. A. and Lau, K. T. (2013) Effect of the foam embellishments on the pedestrian safety of the vehicle front protection systems. In: 3rd World Congress on Frontiers of Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive Engineering (WCFMAAE 2013), 2-3 Feb 2013, New Delhi, India.

Thota, Narasimha and Epaarachchi, Jayantha and Lau, Kin Tak (2013) CAE simulation based methodology for airbag compliant vehicle front protection system development. International Journal of Vehicle Structures and Systems, 5 (3-4). pp. 95-104. ISSN 0975-3060

Jesshope, Douglas James (2012) Development of an electronically controlled thruster. [USQ Project]

Keys, Jason and Ayers, Ron (2012) The effects of improved vehicle technology on the design of acceleration and deceleration lanes at freeway entry and exit ramps. In: 25th Australian Road Research Board Conference: Shaping the Future: Linking Policy, Rresearch and Outcomes (ARRB 2012) , 23-26 Sep 2012, Perth, Australia.

Xiao, Xueliang and Zeng, Xuesen and Long, Andrew and Lin, Hua and Clifford, Michael and Saldaeva, Elena (2012) An analytical model for through-thickness permeability of woven fabric. Textile Research Journal, 82 (5). pp. 492-501. ISSN 0040-5175

Xiao, Xueliang and Zeng, Xuesen and Bandara, Palitha and Long, Andrew (2012) Experimental study of dynamic air permeability for woven fabrics. Textile Research Journal, 82 (9). pp. 920-930. ISSN 0040-5175

Farrington, Jock (2011) Redesign of an FSAE race car’s steering and suspension system. [USQ Project]

Malpress, R. and Buttsworth, D. R. (2009) Air motor for improved engine brake efficiency: design and preliminary experiments. In: 3rd International Conference on Energy and Environment (ICEE 2009): Advancement Towards Global Sustainability, 7-8 Dec 2009, Malacca, Malaysia.

Tan, V. B. C. and Zeng, X. S. and Shim, V. P. W. (2008) Characterizing and constitutive modelling of aramid fibres at high strain rates. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 35 (11). pp. 1303-1313. ISSN 0734-743X

Armstead, Jared Kenneth (2006) Chassis development for the formula SAE racer. [USQ Project]

Freeman, Barry (2006) Steering system and suspension design for a formula SAE-A racer. [USQ Project]

O'Neil, Anthony M. (2005) Chassis design for SAE racer. [USQ Project]

Harber, Matthew (2005) Development of a drivetrain system for a formula SAE-A race car. [USQ Project]

Popa, Cristina Elena (2005) Steering system and suspension design for 2005 formula SAE-A car. [USQ Project]

Moody, Bradley John (2005) Control and instrumentation for the USQ Formula SAE-A race car. [USQ Project]

Willis, Charlene and Lybrand, Sean and Bellamy, Nicholas (2004) Alcohol ignition interlock programmes for reducing drink driving recidivism (Review). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (3). p. 4168.

Little, Jeremy (2004) Development of the drivetrain including brakes and wheels for the Formula SAE-A vehicle. [USQ Project]

Baker, Christopher Scott (2004) FoES Formula SAE-A space frame chassis design. [USQ Project]

Armstrong, John (2004) Formula SAE: design overview and project management. [USQ Project]

Stone, Nicholas and Billingsley, John ORCID: (2000) Development of low cost range sensing instrumentation for collision avoidance applications. In: Mechatronics and machine vision. Robotics and Mechatronics (3). Research Studies Press, Baldock, United Kingdom, pp. 127-133. ISBN 0863802613

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