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Kim, Dookie and Roy, Sanjiban Sekhar and Lansivaara, Tim and Deo, Ravinesh C. and Samui, Pijush, eds. (2018) Handbook of research on predictive modeling and optimization methods in science and engineering. IGI Publishing (IGI Global), United States. ISBN 9781522547662

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Yeom, Jong-Min and Deo, Ravinesh and Chun, Junghwa and Hong, Jinkyu and Kim, Dong-Su and Han, Kyung-Soo and Cho, Jaeil (2017) Synthetic retrieval of hourly net ecosystem exchange using the neural network model with combined MI and GOCI geostationary sensor datasets and ground-based measurements. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 38 (23). pp. 7441-7456. ISSN 0143-1161

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