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Traven, G. and Matijevic, G. and Zwitter, T. and Zerjal, M. and Kos, J. and Asplund, M. and Bland-Hawthorn, J. and Casey, A. R. and de Silva, G. and Freeman, K. and Lin, J. and Martell, S. L. and Schlesinger, K. J. and Sharma, S. and Simpson, J. D. and Zucker, D. B. and Anguiano, B. and Da Costa, G. and Duong, L. and Horner, J. and Hyde, E. A. and Kafle, P. R. and Munari, U. and Nataf, D. and Navin, C. A. and Reid, W. and Ting, Y.-S. (2017) The Galah survey: classification and diagnostics with t-SNE reduction of spectral information. Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series, 228 (2). pp. 1-19. ISSN 0067-0049

Martell, S. L. and Sharma, S. and Buder, S. and Duong, L. and Schlesinger, K. J. and Simpson, J. and Lind, K. and Ness, M. and Marshall, J. P. and Asplund, M. and Bland-Hawthorn, J. and Casey, A. R. and de Silva, G. and Freeman, K. C. and Kos, J. and Lin, J. and Zucker, D. B. and Zwitter, T. and Anguiano, B. and Bacigalupo, C. and Carollo, D. and Casagrande, L. and Da Costa, G. S. and Horner, J. and Huber, D. and Hyde, E. A. and Kafle, P. R. and Lewis, G. F. and Nataf, D. and Navin, C. A. and Stello, D. and Tinney, C. G. and Watson, F. G. and Wittenmyer, R. (2017) The GALAH survey: observational overview and Gaia DR1 companion. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 465 (3). pp. 3203-3219. ISSN 0035-8711


Henderson, Calen B. and Poleski, Radosław and Penny, Matthew and Street, Rachel A. and Bennett, David P. and Hogg, David W. and Gaudi, Scott and Zhu, W. and Barclay, T. and Barentsen, G. and Howell, S. B. and Mullally, F. and Udalski, A. and Szymanski, M. K. and Skowron, J. and Mroz, P. and Kozlowski, S. and Wyrzykowski, L. and Pietrukowicz, P. and Soszyński, I. and Ulaczyk, K. and Pawlak, M. and Sumi, T. and Abe, F. and Asakura, Y. and Barry, R. K. and Bhattacharya, A. and Bond, I. A and Donachie, M. and Freeman, M. and Fukui, A. and Hirao, Y. and Itow, Y. and Koshimoto, N. and Li, M. C. A. and Ling, C. H. and Masuda, K. and Matsubara, Y. and Muraki, Y. and Nagakane, M. and Ohnishi, K. and Oyokawa, H. and Rattenbury, N. and Saito, To. and Sharan, A. and Sullivan, D. J. and Tristram, P. J. and Yonehara, A. and Bachelet, E. and Bramich, D. M. and Cassan, A. and Dominik, M. and Figuera Jaimes, R. and Horne, K. and Hundertmark, M. and Mao, S. and Ranc, C. and Schmidt, R. and Snodgrass, C. and Steele, I. A. and Tsapras, Y. and Wambsganss, J. and Bozza, V. and Burgdorf, M. J. and Jorgensen, U. G. and Calchi Novati, S. and Ciceri, S. and D'Ago, G. and Evans, D. F. and Hessman, F. V. and Hinse, T. C. and Husser, T.-O. and Mancini, L. and Popovas, A. and Rabus, M. and Rahvar, S. and Scarpetta, G. and Skottfelt, J. and Southworth, J. and Unda-Sanzana, E. and Bryson, S. T. and Caldwell, D. A. and Haas, M. R. and Larson, K. and McCalmont, K. and Packard, M. and Peterson, C. and Putnam, D. and Reedy, L. and Ross, S. and Van Cleve, J. E. and Akeson, R. and Batista, V. and Beaulieu, J.-P. and Beichman, C. A. and Bryden, G. and Ciardi, D. and Cole, A. and Coutures, C. and Foreman-Mackey, D. and Fouque, P. and Friedmann, M. and Gelino, C. and Kaspi, S. and Kerins, E. and Korhonen, H. and Lang, D. and Lee, C.-H. and Lineweaver, C. H. and Maoz, D. and Marquette, J.-B. and Mogavero, F. and Morales, J. C. and Nataf, D. and Pogge, R. W. and Santerne, A. and Shvartzvald, Y. and Suzuki, D. and Tamura, M. and Tisserand, P. and Wang, D. (2016) Campaign 9 of the K2 mission: observational parameters, scientific drivers, and community involvement for a simultaneous space-and ground-based microlensing survey. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 128 (970). ISSN 0004-6280

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