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Article (Commonwealth Reporting Category C)

Bayliss, D. and Hojjatpanah, S. and Santerne, A. and Dragomir, D. and Zhou, G. ORCID: and Shporer, A. and Colon, K. D. and Almenara, J. and Armstrong, D. J. and Barrado, D. and Barros, S. C. C. and Bento, J. and Boisse, I. and Bouchy, F. and Brown, D. J. A. and Brown, T. and Cameron, A. and Cochran, W. D. and Demangeon, O. and Deleuil, M. and Diaz, R. F. and Fulton, B. and Horne, K. and Hebrard, G. and Lillo-Box, J. and Lovis, C. and Mawet, D. and Ngo, H. and Osborn, H. and Palle, E. and Petigura, E. and Pollacco, D. and Santos, N. and Sefako, R. and Siverd, R. and Sousa, S. G. and Tsantaki, M. (2016) EPIC 201702477b: A Transiting Brown Dwarf from K2 in a 41 day Orbit. The Astronomical Journal, 153 (1):15. pp. 1-10. ISSN 0004-6256

Lacedelli, G. and Wilson, T. G. and Malavolta, L. and Hooton, M. J. and Cameron, A. Collier and Alibert, Y. and Mortier, A. and Bonfanti, A. and Haywood, R. D. and Hoyer, S. and Piotto, G. and Bekkelien, A. and Vanderburg, A. M. and Benz, W. and Dumusque, X. and Deline, A. and Lopez-Morales, M. and Borsato, L. and Rice, K. and Fossati, L. and Latham, D. W. and Brandeker, A. and Poretti, E. and Sousa, S. G. and Sozzetti, A. and Salmon, S. and Burke, C. J. and Van Grootel, V. and Fausnaugh, M. M. and Adibekyan, V. and Huang, C. X. ORCID: and Osborn, H. P. and Mustill, A. J. and Palle, E. and Bourrier, V. and Nascimbeni, V. and Alonso, R. and Anglada, G. and Barczy, T. and Barrado y Navascues, D. and Barros, S. C. C. and Baumjohann, W. and Beck, M. and Beck, T. and Billot, N. and Bonfils, X. and Broeg, C. and Buchhave, L. A. and Cabrera, J. and Charnoz, S. and Cosentino, R. and Csizmadia, Sz and Davies, M. B. and Deleuil, M. and Delrez, L. and Demangeon, O. and Demory, B. -O. and Ehrenreich, D. and Erikson, A. and Esparza-Borges, E. and Floren, H. G. and Fortier, A. and Fridlund, M. and Futyan, D. and Gandolfi, D. and Ghedina, A. and Gillon, M. and Gudel, M. and Guterman, P. and Harutyunyan, A. and Heng, K. and Isaak, K. G. and Jenkins, J. M. and Kiss, L. and Laskar, J. and des Etangs, A. Lecavelier and Lendl, M. and Lovis, C. and Magrin, D. and Marafatto, L. and Martinez Fiorenzano, A. F. and Maxted, P. F. L. and Mayor, M. and Micela, G. and Molinari, E. and Murgas, F. and Narita, N. and Olofsson, G. and Ottensamer, R. and Pagano, I. and Pasetti, A. and Pedani, M. and Pepe, F. A. and Peter, G. and Phillips, D. F. and Pollacco, D. and Queloz, D. and Ragazzoni, R. and Rando, N. and Ratti, F. and Rauer, H. and Ribas, I. and Santos, N. C. and Sasselov, D. and Scandariato, G. and Seager, S. and Segransan, D. and Serrano, L. M. and Simon, A. E. and Smith, A. M. S. and Steinberger, M. and Steller, M. and Szabo, Gy and Thomas, N. and Twicken, J. D. and Udry, S. and Walton, N. and Winn, J. N. (2022) Investigating the architecture and internal structure of the TOI-561 system planets with CHEOPS, HARPS-N, and TESS. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 511 (3). pp. 4551-4571. ISSN 0035-8711

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