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  1. Access control management for e-healthcare in cloud environment
  2. Proceedings of the IEEE international symposium on IT in medicine and education (ITME 2008)
  3. Evaluations of heuristic algorithms for teamwork-enhanced task allocation in mobile cloud-based learning
  4. Sentiment analysis on tweets for social events
  5. A novel approach to data deduplication over the engineering-oriented cloud systems
  6. Collaborative computing technologies and systems
  7. Cloud computing for higher education: a roadmap
  8. A survey on bio-inspired algorithms for web service composition
  9. Effective pruning for the discovery of conditional functional dependencies
  10. Role of public e-procurement technology to reduce corruption in government procurement

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1Extended RBAC with role attributes
2Mobile solutions for aged care: a transformational framework
3Internet-based e-learning workflow process
4Advanced permission-role relationship in role-based access control
5A fast algorithm for finding correlation clusters in noise data
6Current developments of k-anonymous data releasing
7Digital identity design and privacy preservation for e-learning
8Authorization algorithms for permission-role assignments
9New data integration workflow design for e-learning
10Prediction of student actions using weighted Markov models