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Prof Mark Sutherland
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Validation of a new spot form of net blotch differential set and evidence for hybridisation between the spot and net forms of net blotch in Australia
  2. Infection of wheat tissues by Fusarium pseudograminearum
  3. Crown rot of winter cereals: integrating molecular studies and germplasm improvement
  4. Symptom development and pathogen spread in wheat genotypes with varying levels of crown rot resistance
  5. Spread of Fusarium pseudograminearum in wheat seedling tissues from a single inoculation point
  6. QTLs for water absorption and flour yield identified in the doubled haploid wheat population Lang/QT8766
  7. Introgression of hexaploid sources of crown rot resistance into durum wheat
  8. Use of SSR markers to determine the genetic purity of a popular Australian wheat variety and consequences for stripe rust reactions
  9. Histopathological assessment of wheat seedling tissues infected by Fusarium pseudograminearum
  10. Correlation between NIRS generated and chemically measured feed quality data in barley (Hordeum vulgare), and potential use in QTL analysis identification