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Professor Don Gorman
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Impact of the mining industry on the mental health of landholders and rural communities in southwest Queensland
  2. Capacity building of rural and remote communities to manage their mental health
  3. Providing mental health services for men in rural areas
  4. Nursing student's perceptions and understanding of intimate partner violence
  5. Factors that impact on rural and remote students’ participation in higher education
  6. Mental health and indigenous university students
  7. Broken glass as an injury hazard in an indigenous community
  8. Research into traditional healing practices and health of indigenous Australians
  9. Cultural issues in mental health
  10. Understanding dementia amongst indigenous Australians

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1Western medicine and Australian indigenous healing practices
2Young refugees talk about well-being: a qualitative analysis of refugee youth mental health from three states
3Maslow's hierarchy and social and emotional wellbeing
4Rural men and mental health: their experiences and how they managed
5Key issues in rural health: perspectives of health service providers in Queensland
6Collaborative voices: ongoing reflections on nursing competencies
7Bridging the gap: identifying needs and aspirations of indigenous students to facilitate their entry to university
8Music therapy to manage asthma
9Mental health of farmers in Southern Queensland: issues and support
10The interface of acute and aged care: the role of the nurse in a provincial area