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Assoc Prof Steven Raine
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Technological and integrated approaches for practical and rapid assessment of compaction in agricultural soils: a review.
  2. Advances in intelligent and autonomous systems to improve irrigation and fertiliser efficiency
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  4. Development and simulation of sensor-based irrigation control strategies for cotton using the VARIwise simulation framework
  5. VARIwise simulation of variable-rate irrigation of cotton via adaptive control: first results
  6. Modification of the McNeal clay swelling model improves prediction of saturated hydraulic conductivity as a function of applied water quality
  7. A review of salinity and sodicity in irrigation
  8. Annual report 2008: South-East Queensland Irrigation Futures: research and development support
  9. A grower guide to plant based sensing for irrigation scheduling
  10. A review of the potential issues associated with using coal seam gas associated water for dust suppression