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Dr Marcus Harmes
AssocLecturer (Study Skills)
Faculty of Arts, Tertiary Preparation Program
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. The representation of episcopal power in an age of persecution, 1640-1680
  2. Religious disorder in the archives: the historiography of religious authority in seventeenth-century England
  3. Understanding the resurrection in restoration England
  4. Doctor Who and the art of adaptation: fifty years of storytelling
  5. Writing the history of religious authority in England 1560-1700
  6. Research methodologies for 2LL postgraduate students
  7. Reforming the English episcopate 1600-1660
  8. The Emperor Domitian and the obedience of Christianity to the late-Roman state
  9. The resurrection of English episcopacy in restoration England
  10. O, let me view his visage, being dead: decapitation and the legitimating of power in early modern England

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1The British world: religion, memory, society, culture: refereed proceedings of the conference hosted by the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, July 2nd -5th, 2012
2Domitian and the early fathers of the church
3Orthodox puritans and dissenting bishops: the reformation of the english episcopate, CA. 1580-1610
4Domitian, the fathers and the persecution of the church
5The universality of discipline: restoration of the English episcopacy 1660-1688
6Re-living first year - the first weeks
7Testing the limits: Archbishop Bancroft and exorcism cases in the High Commission
8Calvin and the English Episcopate, 1580-1610
9Protestant bishops in restoration England
10Episcopal identity and authority in Restoration England