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Mr Andrew Hemming
Lecturer (Law)
University of Southern Queensland

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1Provocation: a totally flawed defence that has no place in Australian criminal law irrespective of sentencing regime
2The Criminal Code (Cth) comes to the Northern Territory: why did the original Criminal Code (NT) last only 20 years?
3The time has come to tighten the reach of honest claim of right in Australian criminal codes
4Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales v Dederer: 20/20 hindsight or an accident waiting to happen? A timely opportunity to revisit and reappraise Shirt
5It's time to abolish diminished responsibility, the coach and horses' defence through criminal responsibility for murder
6Northern Territory national emergency reponse revisited
7Banishing evidence of intoxication in determining whether a defendant acted voluntarily and intentionally
8In search of a model code provision for murder in Australia
9Reasserting the place of objective tests in criminal responsibility: ending the supremacy of subjective tests
10Is defamation the 'Galapagos Islands Division' of the Australian law of torts?