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Dr Canh-Dung Tran
Lecturer (Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering)
Office of Research
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. A fully coupled scheme for viscous flows in regular and irregular domains using compact integrated RBF approximation
  2. A numerical solution based on the Fokker-Planck equation for dilute polymer solutions using high order RBF methods
  3. ADI method based on C^2-continuous two-node integrated-RBF elements for viscous flows
  4. A direct forcing immersed boundary method employed with compact integrated RBF approximations for heat transfer and fluid flow problems
  5. A numerical scheme based on compact integrated-RBFs and Adams-Bashforth/Crank-Nicolson algorithms for diffusion and unsteady fluid flow problems
  6. Dry spinning carbon nanotubes into continuous yarns: progress, processing and applications
  7. A finite-volume method based on compact local integrated radial basis function approximations for second-order differential problems
  8. Compact local IRBF and domain decomposition method for solving PDEs using a distributed termination detection based parallel algorithm
  9. RBF computation of multiscale elliptic problems [Keynote paper]
  10. Numerical solution of Fokker-Planck equation using the integral radial basis function networks