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Dr Pamela Pittaway
Research Fellow
Office of Research, National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture
University of Southern Queensland

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1Evaporation, seepage and water quality management in storage dams: a review of research methods
2Growth and characterisation of Chlorella vulgaris under increased lipid culture regimes
3Smart monolayer application and management to reduce evaporation on farm dams - formulation of a universal design framework
4Determining operational requirements to optimise monolayer performance on a farm dam via a 'Universal Design Framework'
5The combined use of shade-cloth covers and monolayers to prevent evaporation in irrigation reservoirs
6Microalgae as alternative fuel for compression ignition (CI) Engines
7Improving the performance of chemical monolayers in reducing farm dam evaporation
8Towards a biophysical understanding of observed performance of evaporation suppressant films applied to agricultural water storages - first analyses
9A ‘universal design framework’ for installation planning and operational management of evaporation-suppressing films on agricultural reservoirs
10Photodegradation of Australian freshwater microlayers and the implications for potable water management