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Dr Allen (Jack) McHugh
Senior Research Scientist/Engineer
Office of Research
University of Southern Queensland

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1Effect of irrigation management on nitrate movement under a drip irrigated lettuce crop
2A preliminary evaluation of furrow inflow rate and cut-off time on the performance of smallholder raised bed farming systems
3Improved no-till seeding performance in Northern China using powered-chain residue manager
4Effects of subsurface drip irrigation rates and furrow irrigation for cotton grown on a vertisol on off-site movement of sediments, nutrients and pesticides
5A preliminary evaluation of irrigation performance and in season changes under permanent raised beds on Vertosol in Queensland, Australia
6Soil physical properties and infiltration after long-term no-tillage and ploughing on the Chinese Loess Plateau
7Conservation tillage improves soil properties and crops yields in North China
8Controlled traffic/permanent bed farming reduces GHG emissions
9Spring wheat performance and water use efficiency on permanent raised beds in arid northwest China
10Increasing crop yields through conservation tillage in dryland areas of China