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Ms Catherine Arden
Lecturer (Teaching & Learning in Vocational Education and Training/Senior Schooling)
University of Southern Queensland

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1Struggling for purchase?: what shape does a vocational education and training agenda take within a contemporary university education faculty?
2Promoting lifelong learning partnerships, pathways and andragogies: issues in evaluating and redesigning the postcompulsory teacher education professional experience at The University Of Southern Queensland
3Curriculum leadership, quality and technology in a suite of Australian further education and training teacher education programs: making meaning, performing practice and constructing new learning futures
4Framing the future of FET: student engagement, quality assurance and lifelong learning in further education and training teacher education Programs
5Learning communities for framing lifelong learning futures: pressures and possibilities
6Leadership for mobilising change in educating teachers for further education and training
7Sustaining and transforming collaborative research: principles and practices
8Transforming place, space and inner terrain in three fields of adult education research
9Considering collaborations in writing a research book: implications for sustaining a synergistic research team
10Evaluating community engagement: lessons for an Australian regional university