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Mr Ziad Awad
Engineering and Surveying
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Multi-objective design optimisation of GFRP sandwich beams
  2. Geometry and restraint effects on the bending behaviour of the glass fibre reinforced polymer sandwich slabs under point load
  3. Investigation of the free vibration behaviour of an innovative GFRP sandwich floor panel
  4. Novel fibre composite civil engineering sandwich structures: behaviour, analysis, and optimum design
  5. Experimental and numerical analysis of an innovative GFRP sandwich floor panel under point load
  6. Geometry effect on the behaviour of single and glue-laminated glass fibre reinforced polymer composite sandwich beams loaded in four-point bending
  7. Fibre composite railway sleeper design by using FE approach and optimization techniques
  8. A review of optimization techniques used in the design of fibre composite structures for civil engineering applications
  9. Finite element analysis of fibre reinforce concrete beam subject to high temperature by using EURO-code models
  10. Multi-objective design optimization of an innovative fibre composite sandwich panel for civil engineering applications