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Dr Andrew Wandel
Engineering and Surveying
University of Southern Queensland

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1Determining operational requirements to optimise monolayer performance on a farm dam via a 'Universal Design Framework'
2Towards adaptive operational requirements for optimal application of evaporation-suppressing monolayer to reservoirs via a 'universal design framework'
3Hydrogen and natural gas comparison in diesel HCCI engines -a review
4Hybrid binomial Langevin-multiple mapping conditioning modeling of a reacting mixing layer
5Which version art thou? Configuration management in engineering education
6Experimental and modeling investigation of the performance characteristics on diesel HCCI with hydrogen additive - a review
7A ‘universal design framework’ for installation planning and operational management of evaporation-suppressing films on agricultural reservoirs
8Direct numerical simulations of turbulent flame expansion in fine sprays
9Testing multiple mapping conditioning mixing for Monte Carlo probability density function simulations
10Application of hybrid binomial Langevin-multiple mapping conditioning method to reacting jet flow