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Mr Md Enamul Kabir
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Mechanical and thermal properties of jute fibre reinforced composites
  2. Effects of chemical treatments on hemp fibre structure
  3. Microdata protection method through microaggregation: a systematic approach
  4. Chemical treatments on plant-based natural fibre reinforced polymer composites: an overview
  5. A role-involved purpose-based access control model
  6. Mechanical properties of chemically-treated hemp fibre reinforced sandwich composites
  7. The effect of fibre chemical treatments on hemp reinforced composites
  8. Access control management and privacy-preserving
  9. A conditional purpose-based access control model with dynamic roles
  10. Microdata protection method through microaggregation: a median-based approach

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1Access control management and privacy-preserving
2Effects of natural fibre surface on composite properties: a review
3Estimation of univariate normal mean using p-value
4Mechanical and thermal properties of untreated and chemically treated jute fibre reinforced composites
5An overview on syntactic foam core and paper skin sandwich composites as potential building materials
6Conditional purpose based access control model for privacy protection
7Systematic clustering method for l-diversity model
8Effect of chemical treatment on the mechanical and thermal properties of hemp fibre reinforced thermoset sandwich composites
9A role-involved conditional purpose-based access control model
10A pairwise-systematic microaggregation for statistical disclosure control