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Mr Clint Moloney
University of Southern Queensland

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1To what extent will the annual number of episodes of acute confusion within a medical unit be reduced following the introduction of high risk indicators and early intervention strategies
2An investigation into the factors of adoption of wireless applications for data management by nurses
3Drivers for wireless handheld technology: views from Queensland nurses
4Implementation of oral health recommendations into two residential aged care facilities in a regional Australian city
5A qualitative evaluation of the effectiveness of videoconferencing to support the training of orthopaedic registrars
6Challenges for implementing wireless hand-held technology in health care: views from selected Queensland nurses
7Adoption of wireless handheld technology: a case of Queensland healthcare
8A discussion on the legal barriers in addressing sleeping disorders in aged care using wireless technology
9Out patient orthopaedic consultations via telehealth: a qualitative study
10A systematic review of psychometric evidence and expert opinion regarding the assessment of faecal incontinence in older community-dwelling adults