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Ms Joanna Turner
Faculty of Science
University of Southern Queensland

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1Reflected solar radiation from horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces: ultraviolet and visible spectral and broadband behaviour due to solar zenith angle, orientation and surface type
2Take-home physics experiment kit for on-campus and off-campus students
3Cloud observations for the statistical evaluation of the UV index at Toowoomba, Australia
4Influence of summer daylight saving time on scattered erythemal solar ultraviolet exposures
5Measurement of ultraviolet radiation reflectivity: underestimating the influence of specular reflection in personal ultraviolet radiation exposure from non-horizontal surfaces
6Influence of cloud and solar zenith angle on the diffuse solar erythemal UV short wavelength cut-offs and maximum spectral irradiance wavelengths
7Influence of clouds on pre-vitamin D3 effective solar UV exposures
8Variations in the short wavelength cut-off of the solar UV spectra
9Short wavelength cut-offs and maximum spectral irradiance wavelengths comparisons of the spectra for erythema and pre-vitamin D3 synthesis
10Calculation of cloud modification factors for the horizontal plane eye damaging ultraviolet radiation