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Mrs Julie-Anne Christensen
Project Officer (CSBi)
Office of Research
University of Southern Queensland

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1The use of high resolution melting (HRM) to map single nucleotide polymorphism markers linked to a covered smut resistance gene in barley
2An investigation of genetic variation among Australian isolates of Bipolaris sorokiniana from different cereal tissues and comparison of their abilities to cause spot blotch on barley
3QTL mapping of stripe, leaf and stem rust resistance genes in a Kariega x Avocet S doubled haploid wheat population
4Chromosome composition of an F2 Triticum aestivum x T. turgidum spp. durum cross analysed by DArT markers and MCFISH
5Molecular mapping of adult plant stripe rust resistance in wheat and identification of pyramided QTL genotypes
6Genomic regions associated with common root rot resistance in the barley variety Delta
7Chromosomal loci associated with endosperm hardness in a malting barley cross
8The scenic rim of Queensland: volcanism, xenoliths, megacrysts, and geomorphology of the early Miocence main range volcanics, Toowoomba
9Report to the Toowoomba Regional Council on slope instabilities in the Toowoomba escarpment: Fantail and Firetail tracks and Duggan Park and Head of Glen Lomond Gully
10Assessment of infection by Fusarium Pseudograminearum in wheat seedling tissues using quantitative PCR and a visual discoloration scale