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Dr Brad Carter
University of Southern Queensland

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1Four new exoplanets and hints of additional substellar companions to exoplanet host stars
2New planets around three G Dwarfs
3The photospheric magnetic field and coronal structure of HD171488
4Global mapping of iron and titanium oxides in the lunar megaregolith and subsurface
5High-resolution spectroscopy of some active southern stars
6Does a spin-orbit coupling between the Sun and the Jovian planets govern the solar cycle?
7The abundance distribution of stars with planets
8Doppler imaging and surface differential rotation of young open cluster stars - I. HD 307938 (R58) in IC 2602
9Three low-mass planets from the Anglo-Australian planet search
10Surface differential rotation and photospheric magnetic field of the young solar-type star HD 171488 (V889 Her)