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Prof. Reid Mortensen
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Editorial [to Legal Ethics v16(1)]
  2. The twain (and only the twain) meet - the demise of the legal profession national law
  3. Woodhouse reprised: accident compensation and trans-Tasman integration
  4. The Australia and New Zealand Jurisdiction and Judgments Scheme: a common law judicial area
  5. A Trans-Tasman judicial area: civil jurisdiction and judgments in the Single Economic Market
  6. Private international law in Australia, 2nd ed.
  7. Bush lawyers in New South Wales and Queensland: a spatial analysis
  8. The Queensland solicitors' conveyancing reservation: past and future development - Part II
  9. Managing client money: lawyers' trust accounts in Queensland
  10. Introduction [to Alternative perspectives on lawyers and legal ethics: reimagining the profession]

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1Interest on lawyers' trust accounts
2Ethics in negotiation and ADR - Legal Services Commissioner v Mullins
3Integrity in legal practice: a report fom the Third International Legal Ethics Conference, Gold Coast, Australia
4'Troublesome and obscure': the renewal of renvoi in Australia
5The ethical infrastructure of legal practice in larger law firms: values, policy and behaviour
6Judicial (in)activism in Australia's secular Commonwealth
7Becoming a lawyer: from admission to practice under the Legal Profession Act 2004 (Qld)
8The lawyer as parent: sympathy, care and character in lawyers' ethics
9The unfinished experiment: a report on religious freedom in Australia
10Managing client money: lawyers' trust accounts in Queensland