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Mr Zhenyu Zhang
Engineering and Surveying
University of Southern Queensland

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1The effect of LiDAR data density on DEM accuracy
2Evaluation of the performance of DEM interpolation algorithms for LiDAR data
3High-resolution DEM generated from LiDAR data for water resource management
4LiDAR-derived high quality ground control information and DEM for image orthorectification
5Ground truth extraction from LiDAR data for image orthorectification
6Large area DEM generation using airborne LiDAR data and quality control
7Modelling land use and land cover change in the Strzelecki Ranges
8LIDAR data reduction for efficient and high quality DEM generation
9Extracting drainage network from high resolution DEM in Toowoomba, Queensland
10Long term land use and land cover change and its impact on cool temperate rainforest in the Strzelecki Ranges, Australia