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Associate Professor Geoff Cockfield
University of Southern Queensland

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1From the Australian Wheat Board to AWB Limited: collective marketing and privatisation in Australia's wheat export trade
2An estimation of willingness to pay for asparagus (Asparagus racemosus Willd.) collectors in Makawanpur District, Nepal
3Estimation of shrub biomass: development and evaluation of allometric models leading to innovative teaching methods
4Community based forest management systems in developing countries and eligibility for clean development mechanism
5Analysis of spacing for spotted gum plantations for maximising merchantable logs' volume in South East Queensland, Australia
6Analysis of 'on-time' and 'late' assignment submitter students
7Nepalese non-timber forest products: an analysis of the equitability of profit distribution across a supply chain to India
8Comparing and predicting soil carbon quantities under different land use systems on the red ferrosol soils of southeast Queensland
9A comparison of greenhouse gas emissions from inputs into farm enterprises in Southeast Queensland, Australia
10Estimation of taper rates and volume of smaller-sized logs in spotted gum saw timber plantations in Southeast Queensland, Australia